Monday, May 19, 2014

Been away.... Shop Updates!

Hi everyone... It's been a long time since I last blogged. I had been busy with my hyper boys, dealing with the many sicknesses and viruses cos of the changing season, and knitting of course. I just couldn't find the desire to set up my neglected laptop and blog about my 'boring' housewife life. LOL.

I started some pot gardening during the start of spring, planting spring onions, garlics and strawberries. And the latest crafting hobby I picked up is yarn dyeing. It is as addictive as knitting really. I fell in love with it after some trial with kool aid dyeing. Below r some of the sock yarns I first dyed myself and turned them into socks straight away.

Talk about satisfaction huh...
Then I ordered acid dyes and more undyed yarns.
And turned them into this:
Maleficient Colorway Self striping sock yarns

Love the yummy colors.

And I tried gradients as well!

I even build my own warping board using a piece of wood from a broken down furniture and my own niddy noddy from 1/2 inch long dowel rod I got from Joann at 99 cents. Talk about budget. LOL! I wont be showing my 'lousy' wood works cos they looks damn ugly and flimsy but at least they can function. And always remember to wear a mask when u are doing any wood work. I was coughing and having mild throat issue the whole day from breathing in too much saw dust that day. HAHAH!
Time to go and settle my boys down for their naps.
Tada! And hope to cya soon:)
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