Thursday, January 23, 2014

FO Allen jiffy coat

Having his breakfast.

It time to knit up something for my little boy before the year starts to warm up again.

I wanted something that knits up more quickly, so I choose this Jeffrey Coat by Laura Savastinuk.
The hoodie and the waistband designs really get to me. So cute!


Yarn used: lion brand jiffy yarn in denim color. 4 skeins.
Needle used: 6mm circular throughout. Magic loop method for the sleeves.
modifications: from my experience with the anise jacket previously, I really dun like moss stitch at all. So I used garter stitch for the hems and the buttons band. Changing to garter stitch also helped to speed up the knitting process. I also shortened the length of the coat by half inch cos didi is on the smaller side.

A very fast knitting project, talk about instant gratification! And there is always positive comments on his new coat whenever we went to school.

One thing for sure though, I will never ever knit with jiffy yarn again. It is soft yes, but the fluff is so rough for my fingers! My right hand fingers are red and sore after finishing the coat. And broken skin at my pinky finger whereby I control my tension of the yarn.

A wip pic. C the waistband? The busy print and the fuzz helps to hide my mistakes. Lucky me.

And I did make some errors in the waistband twisted stitches portion. Somehow 1 extra stitch appeared in the midst and messed the nice texture up. But the forgiving fluff n frizz of the yarn kind of 'hides' the error so I just carry on...

Maybe I should knit up another one for big brother aidan as well, and of course, no jiffy yarn ever. Maybe knitpicks or cascade yarn instead... Hmm...

This knitting mojo really powerful, so expect more knits to appear here! I even started to crochet a single sized ripple blanket for my boys.

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

FO crochet speedy scarf with free pattern

I CUT MY HAIR!!! Super nerdy now....
I had a very simple crochet scarf pattern to share with you all today. This is a really speedy project that finishes within 3 hrs and is a great stash busting idea as well! Note: I am not a crochet expert, so this is a really basic pattern. And if there is any 'error' please do not bombard me... Thank u!


Materials needed

Super bulky yarns in different colors
(I used lion brand thick  and quick in red, black and eggplant)
Crochet hook
Darning needle for weaving in ends  

Chain 130 with color A.
Row 1: Chain 1 and sc across to end.
Row 2: Change to color B. Chain 3 and dc from 5th chain from hook across to end.
Row 3: Change to color C. Chain 1 and sc across to end.
Row 4: repeat row 2
Row 5: repeat row 3 and bind off
Weave in the ends.
Add tassels fringe to the bilateral ends
Mine is around 6 inches in length.

 You can play around with the color choices and add more rows to the scarf to get your desired width.  
I like it thinner as I got shorter neck. Hahaha.   A speedy and trendy crochet scarf. I am loving it. How about u?

A super blurry shot of my chopped off ponytail by the hair dresser...
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Saturday, January 18, 2014

FO: The Elder tree shawl for my mum

Tadaa! The shawl for my mum...
Pattern used:  The Elder Tree Shawl by Sylvia Bo Bilvia
Material Used: Lion Brand Heartland Yarn in Yosemite colors.
Needle: 5mm circular needles.

This elder tree shawl pattern  got a much more intuitive chart, that can be repeated forever, and that means I can make it as big as I wanted it to be! And the chart is easier to memorise, so halfway through the lace knitting, I had already memorized the chart and just knit on without having to refer to the pattern again n again.
My super messy hair. (consequences of not going to the salon for 1 full year.)
Can't wait to chop them off soon.

As this yarn is much thicker, the shawl knits up pretty fast and I am able to finish it within 3 days. And tis shawl is soft and snuggly with no itchiness. The wool of Andes lonely tree shawl do gave me a slight itch when in contact with the skin. I might be a bit sensitive to the wool content. The downside of acrylic shawl, is that it doesn't block as well as the wool one. So there are different pros and cons of the yarn content.
A lovely accessory to keep the chills away. Actually, I am not the kind of accessory person. I got 5 earholes with 0 earrings on. The only ring I wear is a gold ring I had when I got married. Yup, I am too lazy and can't be bothered to accessorize myself. But the shawl is another thing. It is the only accessory I looks forward to wearing now.
Argh! I really love this shawl. Maybe I should knit up another one for myself in other colors again! LOL!
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Thursday, January 16, 2014

FO: The Lonely Tree Shawl

My first try with shawl knitting... And I fall head over toes with it.

Pattern used: The Lonely Tree Shawl by Sylvia Bo Bilvia
Yarn Used: Knit Picks Wool of Andes in Red. x2.5skeins.
Needle: 5mm Circular knitting Needles.
This shawl knitting is really addictive. Once I casted on and started on the charts, I just can't stop knitting and looking forward to the end of chart C. As I used a thinner worsted weight yarn for it, the shawl turns out to be a lot smaller than expected after I finished chart C. I am so tempted to continue with Chart D to make it bigger but I was afraid that I dun have enough yarn to finish it. Nevertheless, this smaller shawl looks lovely after blocking and I casted on another one immediately after but using the eldertree shawl pattern instead.
Knit pick wool of the andes yarns are so warm and cosy! I still have a few skeins of navy, white n grey remnants. Still deciding on the knitting project for the yummy yarns.
 I just brought a matching shawl pin from Joann last weekend. Can't wait to wear it tml morning when sending Aidan to school.
I had finished the second shawl and planning to send it back to Singapore as a gift for my mum. Singapore tropical weather isn't really suitable for warm wear but the shawl would be a nice accessory for my mum whenever she had to make a trip down to the cold hospital for her check ups.
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XOXO Ashley

Monday, January 13, 2014

FO: Hermoine Fair Isle Cardigan

Pattern used: Of Hallows and Horcruxes by Megan Murray
Yarn used: Knit Picks Wool of Andes In grey, white, navy and onxy
Size: 32 Bust
Needles: 5mm circular

At first I tried knitting with Lion Brand wool ease worsted weight yarns. Knitted all the way to 1/3 of the colorwork portion and it turned out to be super big and loose, and I frogged that n dumped them into the rubbish bin. Yes, threw them away instead of unraverly them to reuse the yarns... Y? Who ask the 'clever' me to go n weave in all the ends including the colorwork area so that makes it super tedious if I was to try and unravel them. Luckily is wool ease... Hahaha...

After throwing it away, I learnt my lesson and went online to purchase the Knit picks yarn instead.

I choose the easier method and used did increases at the single color rows instead of the raglan increases. With my very poorly planed increases, (cant even remember i increased how many at which rows as i just anyhow increase till i got the desired no of stitches at the end of the colorwork) I am so glad that the cardigan ended up ok and not too out of shape.
Overall this cardigan is warm and cosy, luvs the fair isle design and the front pockets but i hated how wide the sleeves are at the upper arm portion. The wrist part is very fitting which makes the loose top part even more weird.
The buttonholes are steeked which again is new to me. I am really glad that during this winter i have learnt so much new knitting techniques from knitting all the projects... I crochets around the portion to be cut first before i cut the stitches as the kiasi me is so scared!
(Kiasi is pronounced as ki-a-si. Is a dialect and means scare to die... Timid... LOL!)
So nice isn't it, to learn some foreign language here on my blog. HAHHA!
Ok. That's all for today.
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Saturday, January 11, 2014

FO: Fairy Tale Hoodlet

Another knitting project... You know, it's the cold weather that's causing all this knitting mojo going on... My sewing machines are upstairs gathering dust only. I bet when the heat wave strikes, I will be back upstairs sewing again.

Pattern used: woodland hoodlet by tiny owl knits
Size: Small
Yarns used: Lion brand wool ease thick n quick in egg plant 4 skeins
Needles used: 9mm.

A super cosy and sweet hoodlet that consists of cables, bobbles and tassels. Took me 3 days to finish this pc. The instructions call for provisional cast on, with no idea what's that about, I just did my usual long tail cast on method assuming that it makes no difference... Happily I knit and knit and knit until I went to you tube provisional cast on and had a panic attack when I learnt the difference... Unwilling to restart the 75% knitted bodice, I decided to just go ahead n finish it, the most will be having a ugly seam line down one side....
Thankfully, I played around the cast on n managed to un ravel the long tail portion of it and get back the loops onto the needles for the Kitchener stitch seaming.

It seems that the small size is still too big for me as I had to shorten the bodice width by 3 inches ut the hood part I followed their measurements n ended with this super roomy hood. If I ever gonna knit this again, I will definitely shorten the length of the hood as well.
This deep eggplant color is really nice...
The cute tassel at the hoodie back... Too cute, Cant really wear it outside without gaining too much attention here in phoenix... HAHAHA!
Got to crop all the pics cos I am wearing a shorts. Too lazy to wear matching apparels and that's so me...

As usual, there is remnant yarns again so I knitted this braided headband.

Pattern used: Braided by Jen Geigley
I used 6.5mm needles for this.

Lovely... But I got to wear contacts if I ever wanna wear this out.  Which will be very rare cos my eyes are very dry, so contacts are only for those fancy parties or big events. Sorry headband!

That's all for today...
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Friday, January 10, 2014


This few months, I have really slacked too much and the evidences can be seen in the recent pics... LOL! Well, the knitting bug has kept me on the couch, sitting my bum away and only working with my hands. And the annual health check up (as a living kidney donor) is due this month so this really pushed me to start exercising for my health sake.

Yup, I had a open right nephrectomy surgery done just 2 years back to donate my kidney to my mum who suffered from end stage renal failure. My mum is well now, leading a normal life and just need to have regular body check up to make sure that her new kidney is good and her body doesn't rejects it.

Ok back to topic... After zero exercise for so so long, my stamina can be considered as the minimal of the minimum. LOL. So those tedious heart wrecking exercises are 'out' for me. Have you all heard of Figurerobics? By the Korea Super mum  jung dayeon? Her figure is supa! Figurerobic is a aerobic combine with figure dancing movements exercise which is 30min+ per session. I am trying to do at least 1 session per day from now on and today is my third day in a row and my muscles are already aching... Especially the bilateral muscles at my waistline (sorry, dunno what's that called).

Here are some of the free videos online.

Do check it out if you are interested in her exercises. Most importantly, it's free! LOL.
I did this on day 1 and could only last for the first 25mins and had to surrender.
I did this on day 2 and had the muscle aches almost immediately after... HAHA!
This one requires dumbbells. I am hoping to buy one this weekend so I can start this video afterwards.
And a lot more! They are in foreign languages but it's really easy, just follow their movements will do.
You can either search for figurerobic or 郑多燕 on youtube for the free videos..

Happy Exercising!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

FO: Bulky Anise Jacket

My beloved elder sister back in SG brought me a Joann electronic gift card for Xmas last month! The most awesome gift for all things handmade lover isn't it! Thanks SIS! Love u lots and wish you all the best! (Hint* hint*)
The minute I got the gift card email, I went on a online shopping spree straight away. I got myself some bulky yarns and a knitting pattern book. Will put up a review for it in later post.
I wanted to try knitting a bulky project becos of the fast speed knitting so after browsing through raverly for the perfect free pattern for it, I settled on this Anise jacket pattern by Rowan.

Pattern used: Anise by Sarah Hatton (Free Pattern!)
Yarns used: Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick in Black 4Skeins.
Needles used: 9mm knitting needles.
Buttons from Joann.

A super fast knit! Finished it within 3 days. I think my knitting is really loose. Especially the moss stitch part. It was knitted in pcs then using mattress stitch to seam them up. I learnt how to do the proper mattress stitching this time. In the past, I used to just crochet chain stitch the seams together... But mattress stitch looks so much neater and professional!  The jacket is warm and cosy... But it is still abit loose for me even though I knitted the smallest size. Maybe is because of my loose tension. And it really makes me look FAT, super FAT! Hahaha....

The buttons are just sewn on the front and snaps are hand stitched behind for closure.

There was some remants yarn left. So I knitted up a speedy hat which was meant for my hubby initially. And as usual, he doesn't really like hand knits much, even hand sewn... So I just put it in my closet instead. I really got to stop trying to knit or sew for him... HAHHAh,,, it's just not his 'taste' but I just can't stop 'hoping' that one day he will like them.... and actually wears them... Remember the men shirt I sewn last time? I gifted it to my father for Xmas and my mama said he loves it...

Pattern used: Erich's A&F Knockoff Hat by Eboni A. Johnson
Choose this pattern cos my hubby is so into the A&F clothes and designs...
Consist of ribbing only. Super fast, I think I finished this in 2 hours.

Haven really blocked this pc properly... Thus the unevenness of the stockinette stitches.
Will do so soon....
Oh, u noticed the difference in the backdrop? This section of wall has become Aidan's artwork display wall. All of them are done during his preschool class... Sweet isn't it, we even had a small folder to keep all the other 'not as interesting' de art pcs... I especially love his hand painted Christmas wreath directly behind my big fat hand. So cute!
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Monday, January 6, 2014

FO: My 'Lopi' Vest

The holidays are over! And Aidan is back to pre school again. The blogging mojo is back! Haha... Just spent nearly 45mins shooting all the finished knitting projects. First on the list is a colorwork vest I finished way back in last year oct? Can't remember...
Pattern used: Létt-Lopi Vest by Védís Jónsdóttir (Free pattern!)
Yarn used: Lion Brand Wool Ease in Dusty Rose, Light Pink and Brown heather.
Needles used: 5mm and 4mm Circular knitting needle.
It's really fast and simple cos mostly is mindless stockinette with a touch of stranded color work. The arm openings are just stockinette as well, thus there is a bit of curling there, but it looks nice to me. I made a mistake... Again... Can u guess what it is?
Yup u got it! The colorwork section looks a bit lengthy right? I knitting this in the XS size and while following the color work chart, I didn't notice the (this round only for l and XL sizes) beside the charts. I only found out about I finished the whole chart... Oophs. Closed one eye and carry on.... Heehee...
The hemline and neck line consists of moss stitch and I youtubed a stretchy cast off technique for the neckline. I am not sure it's becos head is bigger than average or what cos the stretchy neckline is a still too tight for me. Needed to give it a real tug to get it over my head.
Theres' also a bit of waist shaping to give the vest a more flattering look and I love the yarn, its getting more and more softer and comfy after every wash. And is washing machine and dryer prove. Last but not least, it's cheap! Well I only buy them when they are on 50% off or uses Joann 50% off coupons. So that makes them at a mere $3usd per skein. The cashier of Joann was so shocked when I passed her 20pcs of 50% off coupons I collected and she said it's her first time scanning so much coupons in one purchase. Extreme Joann couponing... LOL!
Sob... Looking at the pics, I really did gain quite a bit of weight... Y oh y did I munch so much on the holidays snacks... The cold weather really makes one hungry more easily, isn't it?
That's all for today... Expect more posts to come since I finished all the photo shootings today.
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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

FO: Aidan Birthday Sweater

First of all, happy 2014 to all of you. Last month had been a great and busy month, we celebrated my husband birthday, Aidan's birthday, our road trip to Flagstaff for snowplay, Christmas and so on. And not to mention the many completed knitting projects I managed to sneak into the busy month. Still lazy to take nice enough pics for the blog, the other projects posts will got to wait. Now let me show u a handsome boy who just turned 3 last month.

My elder boy Aidan in his Dinosaur Bday Sweater:)
Pattern by: Diplodocus by Kate Oates
Materials used: Lion brand wool ease in 3 colors: Navy, white and blue Total I used 3 skeins for this sweater total cost: $9usd. (I got the yarns on sale at Joann 2.99usd each)
Size 5mm circular knitting needles. The sleeves are done using magic loop method.
Duration taken: 2 wks of knitting on and off.
During the Christmas party n birthday party in his pre school class.
Aidan is so into dinosaurs ever since he watched Jurassic Park, and his everyday to do list includes watching dinosaurs videos and movies on his 'big' ipad. So this sweater pattern was chosen for his bday present.
Technique used are: stranded colorwork, short rows, knitting in the round and picking up stitches. My first experience with the short rows, I just you tubed a short row video tutorial and learn from there. Dun really like the experience though, cos it is quite confusing but luckily I managed to knit through it. HAHA!
Aidan recognized the dinosaurs and that the only reason he allows me to pop this sweater over his head. He is quite resistant towards tops other than cotton tees material. His school teacher even complimented on his sweater! I am so happy when she said to my son: 'I like your sweater!' Who wouldn't love some compliments on their handmade items? That really adds on to my knitting fever...
We had a great month, how about you?
Last but not least, let me introduce to our new friend: Mr Snowman
Our family first snowman says Hi to all of you and wishes you all a Happy New Year ahead!
Got to go...