Monday, June 9, 2014

Lots of Thanks!

Thank you everyone who had visited my shop and even parted with your hard earned money to buy my hand dyed yarns. I never thought that I could really sell them out initially and was shocked at the many orders I received. I really appreciate all of your support and kindness. Thank you all so much! Meanwhile I had jotted down lots of colors schemes ideas for self striping yarns after watching the many kido movies with my boys and cant wait to dye them all out to share with all of you lovelies. And my dearest brother helped me to design a simple and sweet logo for my shop.

PS: My brother is a super bridal photographer and videographer. His works are amazing. If any of you are looking for a bridal videographer back in Singapore, you can find him at his FB here.

Isn't it cute? LOL!
I send a order for some business cards and went to goodwill to get another dyeing pot (total now I have 2) to speed up the dyeing process.
Want to win a skein of my handdyed self striping sock yarn?
Mysisterknitter blog has a skein of my maleficent yarn giveaway which will be closing on 13 June. Hurry and head over there now to leave a comment and stand a chance to win it! She even ships outside of United States!
If you missed it, no worries,
you can also head to Whatcha Swatching podcast ravelry group. You must have a ravelry account and be a member of her group to be able to leave a comment and stand a chance to win my Hansel n Gretel self striping sock yarn. This giveaway is still open so hurry down now:)
Hand Dyed Self Striping Sock Yarn Hansel n Gretel colorway in superwash merino n nylon by Little Dyeworks
Thank you all once again for your support!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Been away.... Shop Updates!

Hi everyone... It's been a long time since I last blogged. I had been busy with my hyper boys, dealing with the many sicknesses and viruses cos of the changing season, and knitting of course. I just couldn't find the desire to set up my neglected laptop and blog about my 'boring' housewife life. LOL.

I started some pot gardening during the start of spring, planting spring onions, garlics and strawberries. And the latest crafting hobby I picked up is yarn dyeing. It is as addictive as knitting really. I fell in love with it after some trial with kool aid dyeing. Below r some of the sock yarns I first dyed myself and turned them into socks straight away.

Talk about satisfaction huh...
Then I ordered acid dyes and more undyed yarns.
And turned them into this:
Maleficient Colorway Self striping sock yarns

Love the yummy colors.

And I tried gradients as well!

I even build my own warping board using a piece of wood from a broken down furniture and my own niddy noddy from 1/2 inch long dowel rod I got from Joann at 99 cents. Talk about budget. LOL! I wont be showing my 'lousy' wood works cos they looks damn ugly and flimsy but at least they can function. And always remember to wear a mask when u are doing any wood work. I was coughing and having mild throat issue the whole day from breathing in too much saw dust that day. HAHAH!
Time to go and settle my boys down for their naps.
Tada! And hope to cya soon:)
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LDGO10 to get 10% off your entire order. 

Friday, February 21, 2014

Many FOssss

It's been a long time since the last post... I have been knitting non stop as usual and just started to go back to my sewing machine recently. Not for apparels though, but to sew knitting project bags. LOL!

Below is a quick sum up of all my knitting FOs during my MIA period:

NO 1: Free Rapunzel Hat
Ravelry notes here. Actually I am not really a note taker. So I apologise for the empty notes section. But you can find more pictures there. I dun wan to bombard this post with too many photos of each project.
The braids actually is the same length dun let this photo fool u. I think I worn it a bit slanted. I love this hat! It is really warm and cozy and the earflaps were perfect for protecting my ears while we went for a snow play trip at Flagstaff in January.
NO 2: My Central Park Hoodie
Ravelry notes here. I Love the cables! This is really more easy than it looks. I went to Joann to purchase this book The Best of Knitscene: A Collection of Simple, Stylish, and Spirited Just for this pattern. (Using my coupon of course...)
I used Lionbrand wool ease in chocolate color and my super addi 5mm circular needles. I got the addi turbo circular needle in a yarn shop in Flagstaff and was shocked when I saw the price tag of $16+USD just for one circular. I was too embarrassed to pass it back to the staff so I just swiped my card for it. I though clover needles are already the high ends and never knew that there are even more higher priced needles out there. What a country bum I am. But after using it for the first, I swear that the money is really worth it! The cable is very flexible, ultra smooth joints and smooth needles. LOVE it!!!.  
I also went youtube and watched a video tutorial on how to cable without using cable needle. It's really simple and the cabling went faster without the constant reaching out for the cable needle.
I also choose to add 2 crochet loops to the bust front and sew on 2 togas for closure.
NO 3: Hubby Valentine Day Socks
Ravelry Notes here. My first trial in knitting socks. Why the boring color choice? Cos it is for my boring husband work socks. LOL! He is in the military, so only black is allowed. The foot length is a bit short due to my laziness to measure his foot properly beforehand. It still fits him but a bit snug. I used Premier Yarns Serenity Sock Weight Solids and is my first time knitting with merino wool. It is so soft and squishy and definitely a delight to knit with. It's the experience with this yarn that started the impulses purchase of merino wool from and
I will be knitting up more socks for my hubby since socks are the only handmade stuff that he is willing to wear.
NO 4: Allen Abate Sweater
A simple sweater for my little boys using yarns from my gigantic stash. I just want to find an excuse to knit with my addi turbo circulars. A very fast and mindless knit for the instant gratification in between big projects I had on hand. I also have adult version of this sweater in my library but haven found the perfect yarn for it yet.
NO 5: Equinox Raglan
This pattern is from the book I brought for the CPH. I read reviews on the Lion brand amazing yarns and wanted to try knitting with them. The colors are awesome! I used the glacier colorway but I only purchased 4 skeins. Hoping that I can squeezed out my size with them. I used up every bit of my yarn and the top turns up to be ok. But if the hem rolled up too much, it will seem a bit too short. So I got to keep pulling and tugging at the hem. I am thinking of simple crochet along the hemlines with a contrasting yarn to stabilize the hemline. What do u think?
Okok, I think I will stop here. I still got a shawl, cowl, socks and vest finished but unblogged. Will save it for the next post then.
Ohya for the sewing portion, I have made a few project bags for myself and my etsy shop. The fabrics are my loveliest collection of quilting cotton in my stash that I couldn't bear to cut into.
I brought them years back from SPOTLIGHT in Singapore. They are a super cute birdy quilt cotton collection. I only had a yarn of it but sufficient to make 1 for myself and 1 for the shop in each design.
Knitting Sock Project Bag, Small Drawstring Bag-Birdy Choco
They are fully lined drawstring project bags with inner pocket slots x2.
Simple and cute designs. You can find them here:
I am still working on more project bags as well. Stay tuned for them!
Meanwhile my active WIPS:
A sock
A crochet blanket
And I am thinking of casting on another shawl... Oophs... So sorry hands, you got to continue the workouts I planned for you...
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Thursday, January 23, 2014

FO Allen jiffy coat

Having his breakfast.

It time to knit up something for my little boy before the year starts to warm up again.

I wanted something that knits up more quickly, so I choose this Jeffrey Coat by Laura Savastinuk.
The hoodie and the waistband designs really get to me. So cute!


Yarn used: lion brand jiffy yarn in denim color. 4 skeins.
Needle used: 6mm circular throughout. Magic loop method for the sleeves.
modifications: from my experience with the anise jacket previously, I really dun like moss stitch at all. So I used garter stitch for the hems and the buttons band. Changing to garter stitch also helped to speed up the knitting process. I also shortened the length of the coat by half inch cos didi is on the smaller side.

A very fast knitting project, talk about instant gratification! And there is always positive comments on his new coat whenever we went to school.

One thing for sure though, I will never ever knit with jiffy yarn again. It is soft yes, but the fluff is so rough for my fingers! My right hand fingers are red and sore after finishing the coat. And broken skin at my pinky finger whereby I control my tension of the yarn.

A wip pic. C the waistband? The busy print and the fuzz helps to hide my mistakes. Lucky me.

And I did make some errors in the waistband twisted stitches portion. Somehow 1 extra stitch appeared in the midst and messed the nice texture up. But the forgiving fluff n frizz of the yarn kind of 'hides' the error so I just carry on...

Maybe I should knit up another one for big brother aidan as well, and of course, no jiffy yarn ever. Maybe knitpicks or cascade yarn instead... Hmm...

This knitting mojo really powerful, so expect more knits to appear here! I even started to crochet a single sized ripple blanket for my boys.

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

FO crochet speedy scarf with free pattern

I CUT MY HAIR!!! Super nerdy now....
I had a very simple crochet scarf pattern to share with you all today. This is a really speedy project that finishes within 3 hrs and is a great stash busting idea as well! Note: I am not a crochet expert, so this is a really basic pattern. And if there is any 'error' please do not bombard me... Thank u!


Materials needed

Super bulky yarns in different colors
(I used lion brand thick  and quick in red, black and eggplant)
Crochet hook
Darning needle for weaving in ends  

Chain 130 with color A.
Row 1: Chain 1 and sc across to end.
Row 2: Change to color B. Chain 3 and dc from 5th chain from hook across to end.
Row 3: Change to color C. Chain 1 and sc across to end.
Row 4: repeat row 2
Row 5: repeat row 3 and bind off
Weave in the ends.
Add tassels fringe to the bilateral ends
Mine is around 6 inches in length.

 You can play around with the color choices and add more rows to the scarf to get your desired width.  
I like it thinner as I got shorter neck. Hahaha.   A speedy and trendy crochet scarf. I am loving it. How about u?

A super blurry shot of my chopped off ponytail by the hair dresser...
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Saturday, January 18, 2014

FO: The Elder tree shawl for my mum

Tadaa! The shawl for my mum...
Pattern used:  The Elder Tree Shawl by Sylvia Bo Bilvia
Material Used: Lion Brand Heartland Yarn in Yosemite colors.
Needle: 5mm circular needles.

This elder tree shawl pattern  got a much more intuitive chart, that can be repeated forever, and that means I can make it as big as I wanted it to be! And the chart is easier to memorise, so halfway through the lace knitting, I had already memorized the chart and just knit on without having to refer to the pattern again n again.
My super messy hair. (consequences of not going to the salon for 1 full year.)
Can't wait to chop them off soon.

As this yarn is much thicker, the shawl knits up pretty fast and I am able to finish it within 3 days. And tis shawl is soft and snuggly with no itchiness. The wool of Andes lonely tree shawl do gave me a slight itch when in contact with the skin. I might be a bit sensitive to the wool content. The downside of acrylic shawl, is that it doesn't block as well as the wool one. So there are different pros and cons of the yarn content.
A lovely accessory to keep the chills away. Actually, I am not the kind of accessory person. I got 5 earholes with 0 earrings on. The only ring I wear is a gold ring I had when I got married. Yup, I am too lazy and can't be bothered to accessorize myself. But the shawl is another thing. It is the only accessory I looks forward to wearing now.
Argh! I really love this shawl. Maybe I should knit up another one for myself in other colors again! LOL!
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Thursday, January 16, 2014

FO: The Lonely Tree Shawl

My first try with shawl knitting... And I fall head over toes with it.

Pattern used: The Lonely Tree Shawl by Sylvia Bo Bilvia
Yarn Used: Knit Picks Wool of Andes in Red. x2.5skeins.
Needle: 5mm Circular knitting Needles.
This shawl knitting is really addictive. Once I casted on and started on the charts, I just can't stop knitting and looking forward to the end of chart C. As I used a thinner worsted weight yarn for it, the shawl turns out to be a lot smaller than expected after I finished chart C. I am so tempted to continue with Chart D to make it bigger but I was afraid that I dun have enough yarn to finish it. Nevertheless, this smaller shawl looks lovely after blocking and I casted on another one immediately after but using the eldertree shawl pattern instead.
Knit pick wool of the andes yarns are so warm and cosy! I still have a few skeins of navy, white n grey remnants. Still deciding on the knitting project for the yummy yarns.
 I just brought a matching shawl pin from Joann last weekend. Can't wait to wear it tml morning when sending Aidan to school.
I had finished the second shawl and planning to send it back to Singapore as a gift for my mum. Singapore tropical weather isn't really suitable for warm wear but the shawl would be a nice accessory for my mum whenever she had to make a trip down to the cold hospital for her check ups.
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XOXO Ashley