Tuesday, April 21, 2015

KCW Day 2 Progress

Sewing sewing sewing... As promised, the finished zebra romper for Baby A.
Modifications: Shortened the elastics by a few inches but still a bit big for her. Nevermind, as least she can wear this longer before she outgrows it.
Add a touch of tulle strip cos I keep having the image of a zebra wearing a tutu skirt in my head while sewing this up. LOL! She is now learning to grab stuff so the tulle is just prefect for her to practice her motor skills.
And for the crotch closure, I just reinforced them with plain twill tape and insert in the snaps myself.
So much more neater than my first trial at sewing the snaps tape in.

The little flutter straps, so cute!

Babies look their best when they are taking photos in this position. The chubby cheeks.... aargh...

My failed attempts at trying to photo the romper on Baby A. She just can't lay still long enough for a nice clear pic.
Cya tml for the third day of KCW!
Happy sewing!

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