Saturday, January 11, 2014

FO: Fairy Tale Hoodlet

Another knitting project... You know, it's the cold weather that's causing all this knitting mojo going on... My sewing machines are upstairs gathering dust only. I bet when the heat wave strikes, I will be back upstairs sewing again.

Pattern used: woodland hoodlet by tiny owl knits
Size: Small
Yarns used: Lion brand wool ease thick n quick in egg plant 4 skeins
Needles used: 9mm.

A super cosy and sweet hoodlet that consists of cables, bobbles and tassels. Took me 3 days to finish this pc. The instructions call for provisional cast on, with no idea what's that about, I just did my usual long tail cast on method assuming that it makes no difference... Happily I knit and knit and knit until I went to you tube provisional cast on and had a panic attack when I learnt the difference... Unwilling to restart the 75% knitted bodice, I decided to just go ahead n finish it, the most will be having a ugly seam line down one side....
Thankfully, I played around the cast on n managed to un ravel the long tail portion of it and get back the loops onto the needles for the Kitchener stitch seaming.

It seems that the small size is still too big for me as I had to shorten the bodice width by 3 inches ut the hood part I followed their measurements n ended with this super roomy hood. If I ever gonna knit this again, I will definitely shorten the length of the hood as well.
This deep eggplant color is really nice...
The cute tassel at the hoodie back... Too cute, Cant really wear it outside without gaining too much attention here in phoenix... HAHAHA!
Got to crop all the pics cos I am wearing a shorts. Too lazy to wear matching apparels and that's so me...

As usual, there is remnant yarns again so I knitted this braided headband.

Pattern used: Braided by Jen Geigley
I used 6.5mm needles for this.

Lovely... But I got to wear contacts if I ever wanna wear this out.  Which will be very rare cos my eyes are very dry, so contacts are only for those fancy parties or big events. Sorry headband!

That's all for today...
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