Wednesday, January 8, 2014

FO: Bulky Anise Jacket

My beloved elder sister back in SG brought me a Joann electronic gift card for Xmas last month! The most awesome gift for all things handmade lover isn't it! Thanks SIS! Love u lots and wish you all the best! (Hint* hint*)
The minute I got the gift card email, I went on a online shopping spree straight away. I got myself some bulky yarns and a knitting pattern book. Will put up a review for it in later post.
I wanted to try knitting a bulky project becos of the fast speed knitting so after browsing through raverly for the perfect free pattern for it, I settled on this Anise jacket pattern by Rowan.

Pattern used: Anise by Sarah Hatton (Free Pattern!)
Yarns used: Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick in Black 4Skeins.
Needles used: 9mm knitting needles.
Buttons from Joann.

A super fast knit! Finished it within 3 days. I think my knitting is really loose. Especially the moss stitch part. It was knitted in pcs then using mattress stitch to seam them up. I learnt how to do the proper mattress stitching this time. In the past, I used to just crochet chain stitch the seams together... But mattress stitch looks so much neater and professional!  The jacket is warm and cosy... But it is still abit loose for me even though I knitted the smallest size. Maybe is because of my loose tension. And it really makes me look FAT, super FAT! Hahaha....

The buttons are just sewn on the front and snaps are hand stitched behind for closure.

There was some remants yarn left. So I knitted up a speedy hat which was meant for my hubby initially. And as usual, he doesn't really like hand knits much, even hand sewn... So I just put it in my closet instead. I really got to stop trying to knit or sew for him... HAHHAh,,, it's just not his 'taste' but I just can't stop 'hoping' that one day he will like them.... and actually wears them... Remember the men shirt I sewn last time? I gifted it to my father for Xmas and my mama said he loves it...

Pattern used: Erich's A&F Knockoff Hat by Eboni A. Johnson
Choose this pattern cos my hubby is so into the A&F clothes and designs...
Consist of ribbing only. Super fast, I think I finished this in 2 hours.

Haven really blocked this pc properly... Thus the unevenness of the stockinette stitches.
Will do so soon....
Oh, u noticed the difference in the backdrop? This section of wall has become Aidan's artwork display wall. All of them are done during his preschool class... Sweet isn't it, we even had a small folder to keep all the other 'not as interesting' de art pcs... I especially love his hand painted Christmas wreath directly behind my big fat hand. So cute!
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