Thursday, January 23, 2014

FO Allen jiffy coat

Having his breakfast.

It time to knit up something for my little boy before the year starts to warm up again.

I wanted something that knits up more quickly, so I choose this Jeffrey Coat by Laura Savastinuk.
The hoodie and the waistband designs really get to me. So cute!


Yarn used: lion brand jiffy yarn in denim color. 4 skeins.
Needle used: 6mm circular throughout. Magic loop method for the sleeves.
modifications: from my experience with the anise jacket previously, I really dun like moss stitch at all. So I used garter stitch for the hems and the buttons band. Changing to garter stitch also helped to speed up the knitting process. I also shortened the length of the coat by half inch cos didi is on the smaller side.

A very fast knitting project, talk about instant gratification! And there is always positive comments on his new coat whenever we went to school.

One thing for sure though, I will never ever knit with jiffy yarn again. It is soft yes, but the fluff is so rough for my fingers! My right hand fingers are red and sore after finishing the coat. And broken skin at my pinky finger whereby I control my tension of the yarn.

A wip pic. C the waistband? The busy print and the fuzz helps to hide my mistakes. Lucky me.

And I did make some errors in the waistband twisted stitches portion. Somehow 1 extra stitch appeared in the midst and messed the nice texture up. But the forgiving fluff n frizz of the yarn kind of 'hides' the error so I just carry on...

Maybe I should knit up another one for big brother aidan as well, and of course, no jiffy yarn ever. Maybe knitpicks or cascade yarn instead... Hmm...

This knitting mojo really powerful, so expect more knits to appear here! I even started to crochet a single sized ripple blanket for my boys.

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