Wednesday, January 1, 2014

FO: Aidan Birthday Sweater

First of all, happy 2014 to all of you. Last month had been a great and busy month, we celebrated my husband birthday, Aidan's birthday, our road trip to Flagstaff for snowplay, Christmas and so on. And not to mention the many completed knitting projects I managed to sneak into the busy month. Still lazy to take nice enough pics for the blog, the other projects posts will got to wait. Now let me show u a handsome boy who just turned 3 last month.

My elder boy Aidan in his Dinosaur Bday Sweater:)
Pattern by: Diplodocus by Kate Oates
Materials used: Lion brand wool ease in 3 colors: Navy, white and blue Total I used 3 skeins for this sweater total cost: $9usd. (I got the yarns on sale at Joann 2.99usd each)
Size 5mm circular knitting needles. The sleeves are done using magic loop method.
Duration taken: 2 wks of knitting on and off.
During the Christmas party n birthday party in his pre school class.
Aidan is so into dinosaurs ever since he watched Jurassic Park, and his everyday to do list includes watching dinosaurs videos and movies on his 'big' ipad. So this sweater pattern was chosen for his bday present.
Technique used are: stranded colorwork, short rows, knitting in the round and picking up stitches. My first experience with the short rows, I just you tubed a short row video tutorial and learn from there. Dun really like the experience though, cos it is quite confusing but luckily I managed to knit through it. HAHA!
Aidan recognized the dinosaurs and that the only reason he allows me to pop this sweater over his head. He is quite resistant towards tops other than cotton tees material. His school teacher even complimented on his sweater! I am so happy when she said to my son: 'I like your sweater!' Who wouldn't love some compliments on their handmade items? That really adds on to my knitting fever...
We had a great month, how about you?
Last but not least, let me introduce to our new friend: Mr Snowman
Our family first snowman says Hi to all of you and wishes you all a Happy New Year ahead!
Got to go...

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