Friday, January 10, 2014


This few months, I have really slacked too much and the evidences can be seen in the recent pics... LOL! Well, the knitting bug has kept me on the couch, sitting my bum away and only working with my hands. And the annual health check up (as a living kidney donor) is due this month so this really pushed me to start exercising for my health sake.

Yup, I had a open right nephrectomy surgery done just 2 years back to donate my kidney to my mum who suffered from end stage renal failure. My mum is well now, leading a normal life and just need to have regular body check up to make sure that her new kidney is good and her body doesn't rejects it.

Ok back to topic... After zero exercise for so so long, my stamina can be considered as the minimal of the minimum. LOL. So those tedious heart wrecking exercises are 'out' for me. Have you all heard of Figurerobics? By the Korea Super mum  jung dayeon? Her figure is supa! Figurerobic is a aerobic combine with figure dancing movements exercise which is 30min+ per session. I am trying to do at least 1 session per day from now on and today is my third day in a row and my muscles are already aching... Especially the bilateral muscles at my waistline (sorry, dunno what's that called).

Here are some of the free videos online.

Do check it out if you are interested in her exercises. Most importantly, it's free! LOL.
I did this on day 1 and could only last for the first 25mins and had to surrender.
I did this on day 2 and had the muscle aches almost immediately after... HAHA!
This one requires dumbbells. I am hoping to buy one this weekend so I can start this video afterwards.
And a lot more! They are in foreign languages but it's really easy, just follow their movements will do.
You can either search for figurerobic or 郑多燕 on youtube for the free videos..

Happy Exercising!

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