Monday, January 13, 2014

FO: Hermoine Fair Isle Cardigan

Pattern used: Of Hallows and Horcruxes by Megan Murray
Yarn used: Knit Picks Wool of Andes In grey, white, navy and onxy
Size: 32 Bust
Needles: 5mm circular

At first I tried knitting with Lion Brand wool ease worsted weight yarns. Knitted all the way to 1/3 of the colorwork portion and it turned out to be super big and loose, and I frogged that n dumped them into the rubbish bin. Yes, threw them away instead of unraverly them to reuse the yarns... Y? Who ask the 'clever' me to go n weave in all the ends including the colorwork area so that makes it super tedious if I was to try and unravel them. Luckily is wool ease... Hahaha...

After throwing it away, I learnt my lesson and went online to purchase the Knit picks yarn instead.

I choose the easier method and used did increases at the single color rows instead of the raglan increases. With my very poorly planed increases, (cant even remember i increased how many at which rows as i just anyhow increase till i got the desired no of stitches at the end of the colorwork) I am so glad that the cardigan ended up ok and not too out of shape.
Overall this cardigan is warm and cosy, luvs the fair isle design and the front pockets but i hated how wide the sleeves are at the upper arm portion. The wrist part is very fitting which makes the loose top part even more weird.
The buttonholes are steeked which again is new to me. I am really glad that during this winter i have learnt so much new knitting techniques from knitting all the projects... I crochets around the portion to be cut first before i cut the stitches as the kiasi me is so scared!
(Kiasi is pronounced as ki-a-si. Is a dialect and means scare to die... Timid... LOL!)
So nice isn't it, to learn some foreign language here on my blog. HAHHA!
Ok. That's all for today.
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