Sunday, August 18, 2013

Missing in action...

Sorry for the late updates, as mentioned before, my friends from SG is coming to visit us for a short holiday vacation. And the past 10 days we had drove more than 1000 miles in our trusty cheap cheap fort win star. Will slowly do up a travel blogpost on our road trip to SAn Diego and the amazing sea world. 
No sewing is done at all, so sorry for that, cos when we reach home from all the traveling, I am just too tired to lift my bum off the couch to do any sewing. But I did make full use all the driving time and knitted a little vest for my boys in preparation of the coming cooler season. 
Big brother modeling the vest. He just had a new haircut by daddy. Love his sideburns, look like those Nippon boys, so handsome!
Pattern used: Sirdar
Yarn used: 2 balls of sirdar snuggly baby crofter and some remnant of white snuggly dk
Buttons from Walmart.
Total cost of this vest: around $12sgd. The yarns are brought in sg. And when I went online to check out on the pricings of sirdar yarns here, I am shocked to realize that they are more exp here than in sg... Isn't UK nearer to States than Sg? Wierd...
I actually messed up on this simple vest by stupidly following the bodice instructions for the sweater version instead of the vest version. Ending up with a weird longer than should be bodice length. and I only noticed the mistakes after I have completed the back n front pieces, n with only 2 balls of this yarn, I can't change to a sweater version thus I had to use a remnant white yarn to finish the button up border. 
Nevertheless, I really like the color block effect. It makes the vest more trendy and cute. And it fits both my boys so well. 
And little brother modeling the same vest. 
Sirdar patterns are really easy to follow and I love their snuggly yarns soft texture. I still had some sirdar dk yarns in my tiny stash. Hmm, what should I knit up next? And I promise to get my bum moving to clear some sewing UFOs in queue ASAP...

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