Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Matching Outfits for 3

Sorry for late update. Last week I turned on the lazy mode and switched on my laptop for some drama series. End up, I got myself glued to 3 series, Desperate housewives (Yes I just started season 1 of it and still have more to come), The White Queen (their costumes are gorgeous) and Devious Maids (Super comedy).  So I barely touched my sewing machine for the whole week and turned to cross stitch instead so I can watch the TV and do the stitching at the same time.
This 3 pcs are the last few completed projects I had. A matching outfit made using 3 yards of seersucker fabrics I got from Their fabric is so much more higher quality than from the seersucker fabric from the 'J' online store I brought before.
They doesn't crumple much after the prewash and they are a breeze to sew where else the lousy seersucker fabrics turned out to be super crumpled after I prewashed them and I got such a hard time trying to iron them nicely till I gave up and just put them aside first. In the future when I got the mood and time, I shall then continue with the pressing.
PS: I cropped my face away cos I dun wanna spoilt your appetite.
Pattern used: Simplicity Project runway 2176
Size: My usual for simplicity runway patterns: Size 6 bodice tapered to Size 8 waist and skirt.
Material used: Gingham seersucker from, White broadcloth and white ribbons.
Changes made to the pattern: I just shorten the skirt by 4 inches. And the straps I removed 2inches just to get them to fit better. I forgotten that I had really straight shoulders, not much slope as what the pattern caters to, so the straps didn't really sit nicely. In future, I will have to unpick the seams and restitch the straps portion.
The skirt portion looks plain so I added satin ribbon trim to the hemline. I need your help here... It still looks a bit weird to me, will it be better if I add another row of ribbons? Or any other suggestions? I was thinking of embroidery initially since it is a gingham fabric but I realized that the skirt hemline is not a straight line so row embroidery will be a bit tricky for me.
And I cut out 2 sailboat tops for my 2 boys. For theirs, I added a tiny weeni cross-stitch monogram to the chest portion. I still have remnants of this lovely seersucker, should be enough for a tiny vest for one of the boys.

Aidan stealing mummy limelight again but its ok, cos mummy is not in her best condition from the lazing around.

Wow, AX! Sorry this is not to copy The super brand Armani Exchange logo, its because all our family members English names all starts with the letter A and my husband surnames starts with an X. Yay, our family initials are branded.

A mini photoshoot in our patio. Aidan running around at the speed of light.
Big brother settling himself comfortably in the King Chair.

Small brother saw it and started to push his brother away from the chair.
Yay, King Chair is finally mine after a hard struggle with big brother.

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Xoxo Ashley.


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