Saturday, July 13, 2013

Melon Mad Men Shift dress

Sorry for the late updates. Had been busy sewing n sewing and just couldn't stop for pictures for blog. Mostly are cute little shorts and shifts for my boys. They are super active boys and need lots of changing of clothes in a day. And that gives me tons of reasons to sew for them:)

And here is one of the selfish sewing for myself squeezed in among the tiny pcs. Mad men inspired shift dress. Lazy to google the original dress pic... Sorry. 

"cropped my face away.... cos no make up and really not in the state to show"
Pattern used: burda style vintage sewing handbook Jamie dress.
Materials used: melon kona cotton 1.5 yards,interfacing and a invisible zip.
Modifications done: I slashed the hem line by 3 inches for the hem band and added the seam allowances accordingly. Added a small bow to the center front slit. Oh ya n the usual shortening of the bodice by 1cm.
What I love: this dress is so cute and versatile. The original dress in the drama is yellow, which I will never ever wear because it makes my skin looks dirty. The red colors ranges suits me better so I chose to copy the dress in melon color. I like the loose fit a lot as it hides my tummy. Already worn it out for a dinner date with my hubby last wk. This pattern is really simple to follow and sew. And it is a really basic pattern which you can do lots of modifications to it. A must buy book for those obsessed in vintage fashion. 
Regrets: I only made a collar n arm hole facing as instructed by the pattern for this dress this the dress wrinkles easily n not suitable for dark color undergarments. Should have added a full lining instead. Lack of pockets to stuff my hand phone in. If I were to add a inseam pockets to the side seams of the dress will it distort the dress shape? Do leave a comment below. I loves comment:) And I am not really comfortable with patch pockets cos it feels really unsafe and my hp can fall out anytime.

The wrinkles after one whole day of wearing... But the dress is so SO comfortable to wear during this hot hot summer. I cant bear to take it off. Ha!

I had officially fallen in love with kona cotton. They are really comfortable. Been using them to make little shorts and shirts and my boys, shift dresses for women wear. What do u think of kona cotton? Do u use them for apparels too?
Close up of the tiny weeni bow.

Ok that's it for today. I shall leave the rest of the many completed projects for other days....
Thanks for stopping by:)
XOXO Ashley


  1. It's a gorgeous colour and a really cute dress!

    1. Thank u! I love the color too! It's something new to me...

  2. Replies
    1. Thank u! The bow is really simple n sweet;)

  3. What a fun and comfy dress for the summer. ~Major Moma

  4. Yup I will definitely have lots of wear of this dress.