Sunday, July 21, 2013

Learning to sketch design ideas...

2 months back when we walked pass the toys department of a departmental store. A book caught my attention...
This is a fashion design made easy little sketch book with fashion stencil sheets and printed ladies models for you to add the clothing to. For a person who really sucks in drawing, this little book is a really good aid in helping me with the sketches.
It doesn't cost much, can't remember the exact cost but is definitely less than $8usd range. There are many other versions of this sketch book series. Bigger sets including coloring materials and even more stencils and so on. 
Below are some drawings I had done so far...
Remember the melon mad men shift dress in my previous post? This is a brief sketch on  my initial idea. But in the end product, I decided to do away with the embroidery part.
And this is another sketch of betty draper dress copy. I had finished n taken the pics today but is really too exhausted to go n do a detail blog post on it yet. Think the kids clothes week challenge had emptied my strength away. I had completed more than 10 pcs of clothing item for both of my boys. And their wardrobe drawer is now filled to the brim. 

Have any of you seen this book before or is using it as well? 

Ok. I really got to go rest for the day. My eyes are closing soon. Will be back tml for the betty dress post;) stay tuned...

Thanks for reading. 
Xoxo ashley

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