Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Gingham Boy Shirt and a funny face

Yesterday night, I managed to whip out a tiny weeny shirt for Aidan. Having made many women shirts before, I can say that this tiny sized version is so much more difficult for my clumsy hand. The pcs are so small and is more difficult to sew using my machine. Luckily, everything still sort of went well and I am really happy with the end product. This time I do remember to try to match the plaids:) Almost it's not perfect, But it's still better than the pants right? LOL.
Materials used: Stretch yarn dyed cotton shirting from
Black Kona remnants for the contrast cuffs
Blue buttons from stash
Black bias tape from stash
This pattern is from a Japanese sewing magazine for kids. I cut a size 90cm (height).
I cut out the pcs and just sew them up using my knowledge from the previous shirts making experiences. The rounded collar is really cute and makes it less formal looking. And I used the black bias tape to hide the collar seams this time due to an error made in the collar construction process.


And of course, Aidan with his sweets. I think all this photo taking sessions are making him more n more chubby. After this kids clothes week challenge, I definitely need to take a break from kids sewing so that my boys wont get obese from those treats. Ha!
And that is little bro trying to steal big bro limelight.


I cut the patch pockets on the bias to prevent the need of another plaid matching effort. It's a bit wonky and I am just too tired to go and make it perfect. All I can think of is.... Faster finish....

Big bro is wearing a matching Sailboat pants with the shirt. Hmm... Looks like PJ instead. Lesson learnt- never ever wearing matching tops and pants together, it really make them looks like PJs.
And this is the promised funny expression caught on camera. HAHAHA! Not really sure what he is thinking of then... (Mummy, pls stop taking photos! I wanna eat my sweets in peace pls?)
Ok. That's it for yesterday work. This shirt really took out a lot of time because of the little details. I still had 2 sailboat pants, 1 sailboat shirt cut out fabric pcs to complete tonight. Ganbatte!
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