Friday, July 5, 2013

Another Shirt Dress

Do u all remember my betty draper shirtdress for my birthday? After finishing that dress, I love the fit and design so much that I cut out another dress using red polka dots cotton from my stash.

From my previous fitting issues, I cut a bigger size for the bodice. I always used to trace out the patterns of a big baking paper (which I got a whole roll of it when in sg). I just can't bear to cut into the tissue paper and waste the pattern in other sizes.
I cut a size 6 bust and taper down to a size 8 waist. And this time, the dress fits really nicely, and all my pleats are intact. Wee! For the skirt portion, I cut a full circle remembering to lengthen it and also cut a smaller waist portion so it won't have so many gathers.  Which version u prefers? The betty shirtdress or this flirty red polka dots? I can't decide, cos I love them both. And.... I am  so gonna make more of this dress in other fabric designs as well! Call me boring but this is who I am. When I love a design, I really make full use of it. Lol!


Sorry fo the pink stripes belt. Should really had used a black belt instead. But I haven made it out yet:P

Today, I was wearing my pink cambie dress out during the day, when I was queuing in the post office to send a parcel back to SG. A pair of sweet ladies commented on my dress. 'That's a really nice dress you had!' I was so so SO HAPPY when they said that. This is the first time whereby a stranger acknowledges my handmade clothes. I then had a little chat with them regarding the dress and so on. Both of the nice ladies are from New York. And she said that I can even sell my dresses. Hmm... selling handmade ladies apparels? I only had some clutches and kiddy clothes in my little etsy store now. And there isn't any response yet to my works. Do any of you think I should also sell my handmade ladies apparels as well?

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