Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My Birthday Dress! and my birthday wish!

Yes! My birthday is coming in a week time and I had wiped out a lovely Mad Men Betty Shirtdress to wear for that special day. (My hubby is working so most properly will be just wearing the beautiful dress and do housework at home...) LOL! Nvm, consider it as a present for myself ba. Out of the many stunning vintage dresses from Mad Men TV series, I like this Betty Draper Pink stripes shirtdress the most. So The copy cat in me grabbed some pink stripes shirting fabric from fabric.com and started working on it using Simplicity Project Runway sewing pattern.

Her clothes are girly and sweet and I adores her a lot!

And this is my version:) With my dear Aidan beside me. We were watching his favorite cartoon on the TV.
pattern used: Simplicity 1880
Changes made: I substituted the skirt for a full circle skirt. Cut it a bit too short so I added lace to the hem to make it longer and more decent?
I cut a straight size 4 only to find out that the waist is too tight halfway. So I released 2 pleats from the front bodices and 2 pleats from the back bodice to accommodate my fat waist. (It runs in my family... SAD...)
Other than this woos and has, the dress turned out to be super lovely. the slight puff sleeves with tucks are so cute!
Materials used: Shirting pink stripes fabric from fabric.com and pink buttons from Wal-Mart. Lace is from my never ending stash. And for the fabric covered belt, I used craft fuse for the interfacing and gold buckle is from Joann.
Thoughts about this pattern: Every steps are easy to follow except! for the collar part. It took me more than an hour to understand what it is toking about since it is my first time sewing this kind of collar. I am more used to those men shirt collar instead.
I loved this dress! How about you?
I can twirl in this skirt...

I anyhow clipped my hair up to get a small beehive look. LOL... Not really good in hair and make up stuff.

The sleeves are finished with a ribbon facing.

And my neat slip stitch for the collar part.
Hohoho... Cant wait for my birthday... And below are some of my birthday wishes. Any kind souls wanna grant them for me? LOL... Daydreaming...
Michael Miller Retro
The designs are so cute! Will make outfits for both of my boys from them.
Michael Miller Backyard Baby
This Hawthorn sewing pattern. So I can take part in their sewalong:)
and a sewing book to make a lot more clothes for the kids
I am so thoughtful to include all the links to get the stuff too. (Thick skin... LOL) And if I have the time... the list will go on and on and on....
Sad. Every past years I will sure celebrate my birthdays with my fellow friends. Huiwen, Huishan, Edmund, Jacqueline, Daniel, Da JIE and her hubby and Huimin and her hubby. I miss you guys! Muacks. Kiss flying across to you all now, got it yet? LOL.
And here is a new little girl dress for my etsy shop:
And the little model is Allen! Sorry I really can't get a baby girl model for it... So I have to make full use of my younger son feminine side.
Thanks for reading!
XOXO Ashley.


  1. Happy Birthday wishes to you! Your dress is darling, just like you. I love the lace detail at the bottom.

    Sue xo

  2. Very happy birthday to you! Your dress came out very beautiful! great idea for the hem!