Monday, July 22, 2013

Betty Draper Almost Perfect Plaid Shirtdress

After a good night rest, I finally got the energy to on my laptop and start on this blog post. I believe you all knew about my current obsession with mad men copy dresses. So here is my last copy item I had planned in mind. Yup after this, I told myself I should stop and sew more functional separates instead.
This Black gray plaid dress is worn by Betty Draper in the earlier season of Mad Men. The colors are more subtle and will attract less attention if I wore it outside?
And here is my version. I used back the trusty simplicity project runway pattern : 1880. Since this is the third time I sewing this, the fit is perfect now.
I made the mid sleeves version of the dress and skipped the v notch step for the sleeves cuffs.
Materials used: Cotton Lawn Shirting from 3yards with a bit of remnant left.
Black Buttons from walmart
This cotton lawn is really soft and breathable. I wore this dress out yesterday and it isn't hot at all. And because the material is very lightweight, the skirting is naturally puffy without the need of any petticoat. I just worn a shorts inside not because its sheer (Its' not at all) but just in case the wind decides to come attack.
The only changes I made is to underline the back yoke and front front as I wanted them to have more body cos just one single layer looks flimsy and distorted.

I just grabbed my alma tie sash for this shoot. Haven got a proper black belt yet.

And the reason to why it is almost perfect? Is the back pc I actually sewn the wrong side out and did not even notice it until I am 3/4 done, with all the seams serge, zip inserted and only left the sleeves to be attached. What a stupid mistake I made this time. Luckily I have long hair so I just continue to wear it out with my hair down? And it's at the back so by the time people have noticed about it I would have walked far away enough to not hear any chuckles or negative comments about it. HAHAH!

Dear readers, if you are in my situation, will you opt for the easier option (like me) or be patient enough to unpick all the seams and resew everything again?
Thanks for stopping by...
XOXO Ashley


  1. Haha I love the comment about being far enough away that you can't hear anything negative about it!
    I think the dress is adorable and as for unpicking the back, if it really bothers you, I say leave it until you feel like unpicking it, instead of forcing yourself to do it right now.

  2. Thank u! I love this dress too;) will try my best to unpick the stitches n redo it in the near future... Now my life is super stressed over trying to learn driving n getting the license...