Saturday, July 20, 2013

Completed: 2 Sail Boat Shorts And 1 Sailboat Top

Yup... Some more sailboat pants completed. But this time I made them shorter by just eliminating the length from the slit onwards. Maybe I shouldn't name them shorts? Should I call them bermudas instead? LOL!
Pattern used: O& S Sailboat pants
Materials used: Little Birds Corduroy Teal from (They r on clearance sale:) This fabric is so soft and comfy, love it. Should have brought more to make into little coats n jackets.
Changes made: Shorten the length as stated above.
I made one in size 3T and one in size 18-24months. The boys love it. (Well, they didn't complain so... I just presume that they love it.) Initially I wanted to make it fancier by adding piping to them, but I only had peach satin pipings in my stash and I couldn't wait till the next trip to Walmart to get the pipings and start on the pants. So maybe next time then:)
 Valori Wells Nest Corduroy Little Birds Teal

Look at the alignments of the birds! At least I am having some improvements on aligning prints:)

And this is little brother version. Couldn't get him to pose for me so this is the only decent pic of him with his new birdy shorts.

Next up is the sailboat top. The instructions are very clear and straight forward. And I like how simple and easy it is to sew this top.

Pattern used: O & S Sailboat top
Materials used: Stretch Yarn Dyed Plaid Shirting from
Kona Cotton Remnant Black
Yes, 99% of my fabrics are purchased from site. They had this super 4th of july sale where u can get additional 25% and free shipping. I took this chance and stocked quite a bit of boys fabrics to build up on handmade wardrobes for the boys. I even told my hubby that I will make all the boys clothes from now on, well except for their shoes.
The small blue buttons are from Walmart
Changes made: I just added a patch pocket on the front. The pattern is from a jap sewing book.
I made the top in size 18-24months for my little boy. As you all can see from the pics, my little boy head is slightly bigger than other boys of his age (our pediatrician has testify to that and convinced us that bigger head mean bigger brain and it's a good thing. What a brainy kid.)- so even if I unbuttoned all 4 buttons, the head opening is still a bit tight for him and he will out grow this lovely top soon. For the next sailboat top, I will need alter the pattern to accommodate my brainy boy big head.

And he got a new haircut! It's uneven but at least he still allows us to bring him to salons, unlike the big brother who will never ever allow people to touch his hair. He got really freaked out when he saw his hair falling to the ground. My hubby and I had a really hard time trying to cut big brother's hair ourselves.

Perfect cute pose.


This top is perfect for our coming road trip next month. We will be going to San Diego for 3 days 2 nights. We are going to visit Sea World as Aidan's favorite animal now are sharks and whales. Looking forward for my friends to arrive from SG and heading for this little holiday together:)
In conclusion, Oliver and S patterns are really great! I will definitely make more of this sailboat tops and pants for both of my boys and getting more of their patterns in future.
And here is a little entertainment video of my boy acting along his favorite show song. Blue clues from Nick Jr.

Thanks for reading!
XOXO Ashley

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  1. I loved your shorts so much I made my own copycat! I hope you don't mind!