Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Kids Clothes Week Summer Sewing Challenge

This week is dedicated to my boys closet. And is my first official sewing challenge:)
Mostly are pants and shorts as they are really short of them. And because most of the fabrics in my stashes are woven fabrics. I had got 2 XL size tees last weekend and will be using them to make into raglan tees and muscles tees for them.
This sailboat pants pattern are from Oliver and S. I brought the digital version after seeing all the handsome little sailboat pants on blogosphere. First trial on it, I made it in size 2T for my big boy aidan. Using plain brown kona cotton and 4 white buttons from my stash. I really like how easy this pattern is and had no trouble with the instructions at all.

Aidan had been rolling and jumping around the whole day before I took this pic, that explains the wrinkles. And the thing on the head? Is a plastic Tupperware which he likes to wear and pretend it is a hat.

Something on TV caught his attention and finally, one nice clear pic.

Oophs... Tummy getting bigger!

And this version is for small brother. It's my first time working with plaid fabrics and I totally forgotten to match the plaids when I am cutting it. Thus resulting in this super mismatch of the plaids. Sigh. I used scraps of black kona cotton for the side panels and the faux patch pockets.

No buttonholes? Yup, from my first experience for big brother sailboat pants, I never unbutton it at all while dressing him. So this time I just shortcut and skip the tedious buttonholes and just sew on the buttons through both layers.

The faux patch pockets for decorative purposes. I just zigzagged along the edges of the patch.

And this is little brother Allen lying comfortably on the new carpet watching cartoons.


This shirt is my first version of the easy linen shirt from the book Sewing for boys. The cotton is from Riley Blake Scoot collection and kona cotton for the contract collar.

And of course a second version of the pattern using remnant cotton for the color blocks effect. I added a tab on the front to sort of reinforce the open slit.

Only sweets can calm him down for a steady clear shot. Otherwise all the pics will be filled with ghostly hands and legs.

And many more pcs to come... C you next time then.
Thanks for stopping by
XOXO Ashley

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