Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Completed: Skinny Jeans for Aidan

Remember my maroon bull denim jeans? I had almost 1 yard of remnant left after that and I turned it into a mini skinny jeans for my big boy Aidan.

Pattern used: Skinny Jeans from Peekaboo Patterns
Materials: Bull denim in maroon, remnant quilting cotton for the pocket lining, 1 button for closure.
Time taken: As usual, I find that sewing mini clothes for the kids are tougher than adults cos everything is so mini especially the hemming portion.
I brought the pdf version n printed them but, somehow my printer missed out on the pattern edges, (must be the wrong settings), so I have to roughly gauge and add the missing width myself. I choose the easiest method (elastic waistband) and faux fly for finishing. The fit is a bit too tight for my boy though, especially the waist portion. I really have to pull hard to pull it over my boy bum. HAHAH. But overall, the jeans looks really cool.
In future, I will reprint the patterns again and try out the many other finishing options.
The patch pockets and the belt loops. The pattern actually asks for stretch denim, which I did not. The bull denim doesn't really stretch, so it might not be as comfy for my boy.
I also sew up some long tees for the boys using the remnants gray interlock fabric. They are actually meant for the kids clothes week posts, but we went on our SF roadtrip then so I missed the 'series' and they became 'backlogs' till now.
Didi in his plain long sleeve tee.
Pattern used: Charlie Tee from Fish sticks design
Ok, got to go... Good bye! Closes Door...
Thanks for stopping by.
XOXO Ashley

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