Sunday, November 17, 2013

Dipping into coupons and savings world...

Last week, I watched my first episode of extreme couponing on TLC channel by chance. And I got so drawn into the couponing world and started to try out on couponing for groceries as well.

I had been using ebates to earn cash backs on my online fabric purchases and Joann coupons for in store purchases. And now I am trying out Ibotta for groceries cash backs and coupons as well.

Just 2 wks upon downloading Ibotta smart phone app and I had already earned more than 10 bucks. I highly recommend it if u r staying in US.

You just need to download the app to your mobile device and choose the offers you want to take advantage of. After you purchase the item, choose the store you went to, take a picture of your receipt, pick the item from the list and scan the barcode.

Then all you do is watch your Ibotta savings add up. You can withdraw your Ibotta savings as soon as you hit $5 or more and it will be deposited directly to your paypal account!!

Try out with Ibotta today!!

PS: Other than knitting non stop, my other past time now is cutting coupons... HAHAHA.

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