Thursday, October 3, 2013

Completed: My First Pants!

Yes my first pants! I always wanted to sew up new pants, shorts for myself but because of my bucket waistline and almost not there bums, many of the commercial patterns are just not suitable for me. And I dun have the skills and knowledge to make them fit well too.
Previously, I have sewn up a shorts pattern from Jap Female sewing magazine, I find that their bottom patterns are more acceptable for my shape. So I digged out my precious stretch cotton twill from my stash and started working on a straight leg casual pants from one of the magazines.
Sewing pattern used: Japanese FEMALE sewing magazine. Brought way back from SG kinokuniya.
Materials used: Purple cotton twill fabric with a bit of stretch, super good quality and comfy. Got them at $20SGD for 2 m of fabric. Coats and Clark zipper black zipper and interfacings.
Previously, I cut a size M for the shorts, it ended up too loose and i had to take in quite a bit from the side seams. This time round, I cut a straight size S for the pants. And they fit perfectly! Hmm a tiny weeni hugging at the waistline, but it's ok for me ya, it just motivates me to start working out and tone up on my tummy.
This pants has 4 patch pockets, 2 in front and 2 at the back. It's very basic and relax style. Great for my everyday activities and matching with me new Renfrew tees. Ohyes, this is the fourth Renfrew tee I have sewn up this year and didn't bother to blog about anymore. I am really sorry about the color of the pants in the pictures. It really is a lovely purple shade, but being a noob at photo editing, I just can't seem to change it back to the original shade.
This pants is so comfy, I am sure that it will get a lot of wear. And I am so tempted to start sewing up their other pants pattern as well... If only I had more bottomweight fabrics in my stash. Hmm, maybe I should drop by joann soon? Or LOL.
The inside of the pants. All the seams are serged neatly. I can say that my sewing neatness have really improved a lot.
The zipper fly and curved front patch pockets. 
A photo to showcase my fourth Renfrew for fall.
I love my new pants. How about u?
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  1. I just made my first pair of pants this week after being so scared to sew pants, but I'm so excited to make more! They really round out my hand-sewn wardrobe!

    1. Me too! I just finished on my jeans and can't wait to cut into another pair.