Monday, October 7, 2013

Project Sewn Week 2 Entry: Fashion Era Challenge

Thank you all for your lovelies comments on my previous LBD. Reading them really encouraged me to sew and craft out more apparels for myself n my boys.

For this week challenge, it asks for design inspirations from vintage fashion and incorporating them into the modern fashion. Of course I got to use the delightful hawthorn pattern I had! And after finishing up a pants for myself last week, I just can't resist making another pants for myself. It's a skinny jeans this time:)

My inspiration style is the vintage pin-ups fashion. Below are some of the inspiration pics:
I choose this as they are definitely more comfy and versatile than the puffy and full skirts dresses. And I dun have the figure for wiggle dresses as well. So yup, a housewife look is born:
A pink seersucker hawthorn top and maroon skinny jeans.
For the top: Pattern used: Hawthorn from Colette
Materials used: Pink gingham seersucker fabric, flower buttons and interfacings.
This is my 3rd hawthorn, everything sews up in 1 night and again I skimped on the interfacings by omitting the front facings interfacings. Otherwise, not much changes from my chambray hawthorn dress. I practically used back the same tracings I used and just need to trace out the short sleeves version pcs.
I love seersuckers! This top is actually just out from the washer and dryer! No creases or ironing needed at all:)
The simple and sweet collar design.
The hemline is a bit uneven cos I never button it properly. It is actually even.
Added another buttonhole near the waistline there. Looks a bit cramped but I meant to wear it with a belt, so everything will be hidden.
Crisp and nicely pressed neckline.
I love the little bias cuff details for the short sleeves version.
For the jeans: Pattern used: Skinny jeans pattern from japanese FEMALE sewing magazine
Material used: Bull denim in maroon from, jeans zipper and a bit of seersucker for the pocket lining, jeans needle
It's my first jeans! Hoho... The sewing patterns from the jap magazines suits us Asian body shape much better as we r less curvy. I cut a straight size s this time and just added a 5/8 inch side seam allowance just in case the jeans turn out to be too tight. Lazy mummy lazy to make Muslim. And luckily lazy mummy got so lucky! The fit was right on, even the length!
Ready for some rock n roll? Going crazy and running out of pose look.
I couldn't get matching color zipper so I just opted for navy jeans zipper instead.
The back patch pockets.
Inside out pic. I only had black and white serger threads. So pardon the whiteness!
The waistbands  of my previous pants are a bit messy so this time round, I hand slip stitched the fold in before edge stitching the waistband from the outside.
Whee! I love my 2 new apparels. How about you? Thanks for stopping by.
XOXO Ashley


  1. wow wow! you did awesome! love the jeans especially. lots of work went into that outfit. :)

  2. I am so impressed that you made jeans! This outfit is adorable--looks great on you!

  3. Ooh I love it! The pants are amazing! I want to attempt jeans. . . one day!

  4. So adorable! This is one of my favorite looks in the linky party!!! And I really like that picture of your jeans turned inside out so we could see how you constructed them!-liZ