Friday, November 15, 2013

Completed: Dinosaurs Set for the boys

Ok, they are actually meant for Halloween, and I am so sorry that I took so long to blog about them:P

Aidan (my bigger boy) is currently living in the Jurassic world. He keeps asking to play his dinosaurs dvd collections and of course, his dinosaurs toys are also growing in numbers. So I decided to sew up dinosaurs hoodies and pants for the Halloween party which are also suitable for everyday wear as well.

See how happy he is? LOL.
For the hoodie: I used the Charlie Tee and Hoodie Pattern from Fish stick designs.
In order to Insert in the dinosaurs spikes, I did a little pattern hack by splitting the hoodie pattern into 2 and adding seam allowances to it.
Materials used: Green interlock knit from
I started to fall in love with their interlock knits. Although their retail prices are quite exp like $9.90 per yard, but when u got a 50% or 60% coupon, you can make full use of it and had them at a cheap price. So every trip, I usually buy more than 3 yards of it, to make the coupon worth while and have lots of spare to make into other tees for them or myself.
The spikes are made from darker green felt from joann as well, I am so lucky to find a half yard on the remnant section:)
The sewing of the hoodie is really straight forward and simple. And it just take 1 day to finish up on the 2 hoodies for the boys.
For the pants: I went back to my beloved Treasure Pocket Pants Pattern.
I really like this design as it doesn't look too simple and allows for a contrast pop of fabric usage.
For the materials: I used green kona cotton and the dinosaur prints cotton from
While cutting the pieces, Aidan was actually beside me admiring the dinosaur prints on the fabric and kept repeating: 'See nani, dinosaurs!' Yes, he calls me nani as he couldn't pronounce the 'M' properly. Even his school teachers are confused by him and thought I am his nanny instead. Luckily, the little one calls me 'ma ma'... Hopefully, when his pronunciation gets better, we will be able to correct him back to mummy...
Beware! Allen the Dino is stomping away!
The usual bribing with sweets in order to get the boys attention for photoshoot.
Oh,  a front pocket!
And lastly, Allen ever so cute smiling face.
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PS: Sorry for the late updates, I just finished my fair isle sweater 2 days back. HAHA.

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  1. Your boys are so cute and the dinosaur hoodie, and pants are so adorable. I love it! I think this is a great idea for Christmas gifts for my nephews.