Thursday, March 12, 2015

DIY Baby Tutu Skirt and a failed photoshoot

Hi everyone! I would like to introduce to you all my little princess, Baby A. She just turned 2 months old last Saturday. Girls are so much more fun than boys! Oophs, sorry boys:)
Hoping to make an easy and pretty photoshoot costume for her, I browsed through etsy and saw the many pretty tutus dresses. And they dun even involve the need to sew! Immediately I went to dug through my gigantic fabric stash and managed to get some grey tulles. No elastic crochet headband? no problem, I crocheted my own band using grey satin ribbons. (This is how impatient I am...)
For the band: I chained on 40 and join the join.
Chain 2, dc in the next chain, *chain 1, dc in the 2nd chain*, repeat * across the roll and do the same for the third row. Bind off.
The thing is, my tulle stash is only 1 yard... Not enough for 2 layers so I gave up and decided to purchase some tulle the next day for it. Nevertheless, I still dressed my girl in the half finished skirt and happily snap away... LOL.
So the next morning, I brought along all my 3 kids to the Walmart which has the craft section and purchased the black tulle and shimmer grey tulle. Went back home and started working on it. Within a hour of work, the skirt is done. It's so easy! For the waistband, I weaved in more black tulle so I can tighten and tie into a ribbon bow at the back when worn.
Finished product! Isn't it so cute! If I am younger, I will definitely make a matching one for myself. LOL. But I admit I am auntie liao, so this kind is a big nono unless I wan to scare off my husband.

I also crocheted a simple headband for Baby A to match and made a black ribbon bow. But, I made the bow too big, it looks super weird so I didn't attach it.
On to the photoshoot... FAILED! Baby A just dun wanna cooperate that day and was in a super nasty mood. Yay, bad temper runs in the family. Hopefully she will grow up to be less chilli padi girl.
And another lesson learnt: I will never ever use shimmer tulle anymore... All the glitters and shimmers flying everywhere were a pain in the ass. Next up, I will be making a full length tutu dress for Baby A. And maybe I can snap more progress shots for tutorial purposes.

Baby A wearing mummy made rompers. So cute! Pattern is by: Oliver and S.

This lot of almost new burda style magazines. Selling at 16usd with shipping included. The patterns are all intact and for some, not removed from the magazine at all.
I am trying to clear my books stash and some of my fabrics now as our family will be moving back to our tiny apartment in Singapore 6months later. Do look through and if you are interested, can email me:0 I accept paypal payments, thank you:)

Next up is this chunky bot of Black polyester blend fabric... Not sure got how many yards left but definitely a lot! Great for cosplay costumes! Clearing at 20usd exclude shipping cos I not sure how much the shipping will be. It's heavy! Or if you live in Phoenix, you can come collect from my place in goodyear:)
That's all for now, I will be packing my stash and will look for more stuff to clear. Thank you for dropping by!

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  1. Congratulations on your beautiful new baby girl, Ashley!