Sunday, March 15, 2015

DIY no sew Tulle Dress tutorial

Ok, I went crazy with the pretty tutu dresses and made 2 dresses for Baby A in a day. One pink set and one purple set. SO cute!!!!
It's really easy, and each dress and headband set only took me 2 hours to complete. Below are the materials needed.
-6inch tulle spools in your preferred colors. I choose this over the tulle fabrics by yard as it is precut and saves me a lot of time. Got them from Joann store.
-Matching crocheted headbands. Got 26 different colors from amazon at $9.99usd without tax. What a good deal!
-Measuring tape.

Firstly, you will need to measure the desired length of the tulle dress. I just measured the length from Baby's armpit to her feet. Which is around 27cm, multiply it by 2 and rounded up to 65cm. So I needed to cut the strips 65cm as it will be folded in half and tied to the crochet headband.

Next is the boring measuring and cutting of the strips. To make the measuring faster, I measured the distance from the edge of the carpet and used the end of my cutting board as a guide. So I just need to align the start of the tulle to the carpet edge and unroll the spool, cut it at the edge of the cutting board. Super fast!

After the strips are ready, you just need to fold a strip into half and tie it to the crochet headband.

Go through one of the hole and put the ends through the loop. It's that easy:) Remember to start from the bottom row first and slowly work your way up. The dresses I made consists of 2 full rows of tulle strips and were super puffy. Can't imagine 3 full rows!

For this pink dress, the bottom row consists of red strips only, while the top row, I alternated pink and white strips. A great way to play with colors and if you do not like the colors combo, you can just untie the strips and rearrange them again:)

Next, I used a 1 inch wide pink satin ribbon and tied to the bodice midfront for the halter straps. Used remnant tulle and my newly brought bow maker to make a matching headband to complete the attire.
After that you will have an awesome dress for photoshoot, wedding events or even a birthday dress for the lovely girl in your life;) 

Another set completed that night as I couldn't resist the loveliness of it. The good thing about the crochet headband is that it is super stretchy, it can even fit my 3 yr old boy!

For this purple version, the base is made up of black and purple strips, while the top is violet and purple.

Potential for cosplaying in future? Hmm mummy will try to sew the costumes for you if you wan. LOL, only if daddy agrees.
Thanks for dropping by, and have fun crafting your own tulle dresses!

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