Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Completed: Deer And Doe Aubepine Dress

Tadaa! My second Deer and Doe project. I loved my graphic Belladone, but now I love my aubepine even more!
Sewing Pattern: Deer and Doe Aubepine Dress
I cut a size 4 throughout for this dress as I prefer a loose comfy fit. This dress is really easy to put together (except the stitch in the ditch part-will talk about it later in the post) and is fully lined with hot pink voile. I find that this dress is really perfect for the cooler weather nowadays maybe its' becos of the double layers. The pleats at the waistline and the trapeze skirting helped to cut down on the 'maternity' look, creating this lovely babydoll style.

Look this dress has pockets! I kept the original length of the dress and now I am still hesitating whether to shorten the length or not. What do u all think?

Materials used: Pink chambray linen sort of fabric from Singapore Chinatown PP
Lining fabric is a hot pink voile from fabric.com
Pink grosgrain ribbon from stash
And a thin elastic for the sleeves cuffs.

Ohya, this dress doesn't require any zipper or buttons closure! Great for beginners!

Actual pic taken before I cropped out my busy "boys"

The pink linen is slightly wrinkly, but I like it:) It has this country style feel to it. LOL! And the only shoes I had to go along with it is a brown winter boots brought in Taiwan years back. And finally, I will be able to wear it in this fall! Cos it's almost impossible to wear them back in SG as it is hot all year round.


My ribbon has hot pink polka dots on them, perfect match for this dress.

The inside out of the dress.

And let's get to the stitch in the ditch portion. I hated it!!! The construction of this dress as instructed is to sew up the outer main bodice and skirt first, then sew up inner lining bodice and skirt, and join them at the neckline, then stitch in the ditch between the 2 layers at the empire waist seam to create the casing for the ribbon. I tried to pin baste the waist seams together first and had quite a tedious struggle with it to get the seams to align properly. Almost 1 whole hour is spent on trying to align the waist seam. And then, the instructions say to stitch 3/8inch away from the first seam to form the casing. I did as followed only to find out that my elastic threader is way too fat to go through the small casing. Being the stubborn me as usual, I spent another 30 mins trying to squeeze my threader through the casing. Finally I gave up trying and unpicked the casing and restitch at a half inch width instead. Is it my threader is too fat or what? LOL. At least I have learnt my lesson, not to always follow what the instructions call for.

Other than the empire waist casing part, the dress is a breeze to sew. I already started cutting out my next aubepine in a maroon linen. But for the construction wise, I will definitely change the steps a bit to avoid the stitch in the ditch portion:)

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  1. Hi Ashley! I love your new dress! This color is perfect and it looks so great on you. And I also like your boots :) I think the length is great as it is - perfect for autumn weather. Enjoy! Love, Anna ps. Love your blog :)

  2. I love this dress pattern! It's so cute! I love the color and pop of lining!
    Thanks for blogging about so I can check out the pattern! I would love to make this dress!