Monday, October 14, 2013

Project Sewn Week 3: Graphic Belladone


For project sewn week 3 challenge, it is about graphics which is great as my boring wardrobe is in desperate need of more colorful prints apparels.

After seeing the many beauties sewn with Deer and Doe patterns, I had a mini shopping spree done few weeks back, and luckily the patterns arrived just in time.

Pls pardon my nerdy face, been sewing really a lot recently= which means lack of sleep=super chui complexion=lazy to put on make up.
I cut a size 4 for bust, tapering to a size 8 for waist and size 8 skirt. I just draw a line connecting the size 4 bust down to the size 8 waistline. Well, I did a super speedy muslim for this dress and the fit is just nice, a whee bit loose at the waistline, but I kind of like it this way as it feels more comfortable and allows for big meals.
Material used: A cotton calico print fabric from joann. It was under the red tag section, $5 usd per yard and I purchased 3 yards straight away. BUT! when I got home and went through, the same fabric and design is selling at $3.60usd per yard. I felt kind of cheated. How can the prices differ so much when they are supposed to be under the same company?
This cotton feels stiffer than the usual quilting cotton, and doesn't wrinkles easily even after washer and dryer. At first, I had second thoughts on this fabric: Is it suitable for apparels? or is it just meant for quilting? I even tried to google cotton calico to find out what is it usually meant for. But in the end I am really glad that I choose this fabric for this dress.
The sweet back cut out design. Cute and not too exposed. Perfect for casual outings and trips. I am just too lazy and tired to try and match the prints for the waistband part.
I used invisible zipper for closure. This is my first deer and doe project and I find that their sewing patterns are great! The patterns are prints on huge white paper instead of the usual tissue paper and their instructions are clear and simplified. But I find it a bit weird, usually other pattern companies will instruct to stay stitch the necklines first in order to prevent stretching out. But for deer and doe patterns, they dun. Is it because of the designs needs? Or is it just that deer and doe never indicate as clearly?
Other than the mismatching waistband print. The bodice and the skirt actually matches.
The inside out pic. I used navy bias tape as instructed. I had a bit of struggle with the armhole curve portion. Iniatially, I just cant seem to get the tape to lye flat nicely. Until I realized that I should make notches at the curve portion even though I am using bias tape finishing. Then everything starts to go more smoothly, and the tape sits neatly. All the raw edges are serged.
The hemline of this dress is finished with facings, which makes the hem line more sturdy and less chances of wrinkling. I serged the raw edges as well and hand blind stitched it.
What do u think of my new dress? I love the simplicity of the design and there sure will be more belladones coming up soon.

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XOXO Ashley


  1. This dress is adorable! I love the waistband and the cutout back. And it looks so nicely finished on the inside--very professional!

    1. Thank u! I used to be a super messy sewer. But now I am trying my best to improve on the neatness so the clothes can last longer. :)

  2. Wow! What a fantastic dress! The fit and fabric and tidy inside look great!

  3. I just discovered your blog this evening. I made the Belladone dress, and redid the bias seam binding on the armholes five times, in two different sized bias tapes and a fabric. I am a beginning sewer, and this was only my fifth project, so I never figured out why the bias didn't lie flat, and tended to have a slanted "ease", for the lack of a better term. That is, until I just read your blog. What I should have done is clip the curves! I plan to make this dress again, and will be sure to do that. Thank you for your wisdom. I like your dress very much, but wish you had matched the waistband.

  4. I've totally wanted to try a Deer and Doe pattern and this one looks so cute. Oh, and I'm always to lazy to try to match they bodice and skirt fabrics. I say who still looks adorable.