Monday, April 20, 2015

Start of kids clothes week

Hi everyone! Today is the first day of kids clothes week and the day of mine started off like a war world 4. Sweat, finally I can sit my bum down and blog. Pardon for all my shitty photos, as usual my Samsung android phone die on me last month and due to budget wise, I got a new LG basic android phone which has shitty camera and I am just too lazy to dig out my DSLR for the pics.
Here are my first few submissions for this KCW.

A set of zebra diaper cover and bowtie for a baby boy baby shower.
Material used: Zebra print tutti frutti cotton
Satin bias tape and elastics
I really like using tutti frutti apparels fabric as they are machine washable and they doesn't wrinkles! Means no ironing needed, prefect for the lazy me:)

I used satin bias tape for hemming the leg opening. Silky smooth and comfortable  for delicate baby skin.

My softie Olaf wearing the bowtie. Hope the baby boy will like his new zebra outfit. Prefect for mini photoshoot.

For the bowtie, I just made a little bow and sewn on a neck tie closure with Velcro.

Side track a bit, this is baby A with her new mummy sewn tummy time pillow. She loves lying on it and sucking on the pillow... Luckily I made it with a removable zippered slip cover so I can wash the cover frequently to remove her yucky saliva stains.

Her rare smile finally captured on camera. This is the pillow without the slipcover. I love her chubby face, so cute!!!

Next up is a ruffled zebra skort for my friend's daughter in the same zebra print fabric. LOL, I got 2 yards of this, and I managed to squeeze out yet another baby romper for baby A (which I promise to finish sewing it by the next few days). This is what I love about sewing!

Lace trimmings for the shorts leg hem and girly ruffles skirt overlay. So cute and you dun have to worry about your girl 'exposing' herself which is what always happen with kids this age. In future I will definitely sew this again for my baby A.

On her lovely daughter. Isn't she a natural? I just snap away and she still looks so good in all the pictures.
Sweet sweet smile.
How is your sewing getting along? I got tons of cut out clothes for me finish. Looking after 2 boys and a baby girl is really no joke. I got to squeeze out every energy in order to finish as much as possible.
And I will also be uploading baby and kids handmade lovelies into my etsy shop soon. After much encouragement from my friends and dear sister, I will be starting to sew and sell my handmakes to earn a bit of side income and also to clear my gigantic fabric stash before my family moves back to our tiny apartment back in Singapore end of this year. Yes, I have a serious fabric hoarding problem, I mean how can one not be a hoarder when fabrics here are so cheap, accessible and there are so much sales going on? Where else in Singapore the fabrics are so so much more expensive and we wont be able to own a car = public transport in order to go shopping for fabric = no way man...
OK, got to go, so much to do yet so little time. Cya and happy sewing!

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  1. I love the matching zebra outfits! What a fun idea!