Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Kushina Uzumaki Tailoring Comission

Took on this tailoring job a few months back offered by one of my regular customer in SG. Yes, i'm really sorry to take so long to finish it, the delay is due to us moving to AZ and so on. Since now I finally set up my sewing space, my sewing motivation is back in full blast!

I used cotton poplin for the apron and a polyester blend cotton for the inner shirt. Altered the patterns from existing sewing patterns from my collection of sewing magazines.

So sorry for the poor photo quality, been using my iphone to snap the pics as I am too lazy to go dig out my DSLR and charge the batteries:P I like how the center front is closed with invisible zipper as shown in the character anime. Turns out really nice:) Hope Amaya Kaida will like it:)
Now I am still cutting out her other character costume. They are just basic shirt n OL style skirt. I am thinking of uploading the basic shirt pattern n skirt pattern onto my blog to share with all of you. But that will take a while as I am quite a computer noob and my scanner is still somewhere in the garage...

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