Thursday, May 9, 2013

My First Picnic Blanket Skirt

After seeing the many different styles of picnic blanket skirt on the sewing blogs, I was tempted to make 1 for myself as well:) I love polka dots but I figured if the entire skirt is made out of the polka dots, it will be a bit too busy for the placket n buttons details. So I used this thick black cotton blend fabric from my stash. This material is super difficult to iron down. I already put my iron on max heating and the gathers still puffs out a lot. But its ok, the puffiness of the skirt makes my waist looks smaller. (^v^) I just follows what the pattern instructions say, and just added a 5 inch polka dots strips on fold to the hem.
See how the skirt puffs out?
The pockets are made with the polka dots fabric as well. Sorry for not showing in the pics.
The buttons are brought from nearby Walmart super store. It actually has a small flora design in the middle, but my cam (or my skills) are too lousy to capture that:P
I am already planning to wear this beauty out tomorrow:) And here are some snips snaps of my smaller buddy: Allen is 15 months old, looks like an angel but behaves like a devil... Buahahhaha. Running after the 2 boys and cleaning up after them is no joke. They are too hyper! I am already trying to cut down their sugar intakes, hope that will helps in the long run. Couldn't get any nice pics of big brother today as I am using my DSLR, and whenever I took an aim at Aidan, he ran away at the speed of light. LOL! Next post then:)
He is watching his favourite Hi5 show on his ipad. He loves it so much and yet I couldn't get hold of any latest Hi5 DVD here. Have to ask my dearest sister back in SG to get hold of one for me and send it over. What to do? He loves it so much, even more than mickey mouse clubhouse...

His mouth is really small n cute.  And he got his Daddy special droopy eyes. Bet he will grow up to be a charming guy in future. Dun u think so?
He just recovered from a fever yesterday, so still a bit grumpy. Fever is due to the 4 vaccinations given to him 2 days ago. Singapore vaccinations for kids are really different from here. In SG, the kids are given maximum 2 vaccinations per visit while in United States they can go up to 6 jabs in a visit! Wow! (Culture shock in progress...) Luckily the nurses here are very skilled, 4 jabs given to him in less than 1 minute. Good job!


  1. Love this! So elegant, and I love what you've done with the polka dot trimming.

    1. Thank you! Love yr new picnic blanket skirt as well:)