Friday, May 10, 2013

Life in AZ

It has been 6 weeks since we have moved here due to my hubby work. And I have been suffering from 'rotten hands disease' ever since. I'm not kidding k, both of my hands are full of broken skin, red bumps and dry like those ah ma hands. They are itchy 50% of the whole day, especially after in contact with the super duper harsh water here. Been applying hand cream vigorously for a few weeks, wearing gloves while washing the dishes but to no avail:( I wonder how long will the rotting continues and when will my precious hands be back to normal again. Thankfully, this only applies to my hands, if not I sure will age like hell here.

Other than my rotting hands, most of the changes and lifestyle here is brilliant! The sceneries are so beautiful here, especially the night sky, whereby you can enjoy the beauty of the stars, unlike in SG. And of course the outlets shopping! Branded items at super low prices. At just 100usd I managed to purchase 1 jean, 1 short, 2 tops, 1 dress at H&M for myself and 3 sets of boys clothing at carters! Not to mention how dirt cheap the cars are here. We brought our second hand 7 sitter @ a mere 3k. It's not even enough to pay the COE of a car in SG.

What I really love about living in US is the easy accessibility to craft items and fabrics at a much cheaper price than in SG. The beloved Joan craft store is a mere 10 mins drive away, and I can even do fabric shopping at the Wal-Mart supercenter as well! Every time we stop by Wal-Mart for grocery shopping, I will always sneak to the fabric department and grab some bargains:) They have clearance fabrics as low as 1usd per yard, I dun think I can ever get that kind of pricing in SG. And even if my hubby can't drive me out, I can still do fabric shopping online... Another way to overspend... Oh my, temptations are every where... Jialat. LOL!

Another thing about here is, one definitely need to drive in order to get around. Very seldom you get to see people walking out in the streets. So whenever I push my boys in their stroller and walk 20 mins to the nearest neighborhood Wal-Mart, I feel so weird and out of place. I have enrolled in driving school a few weeks back for a 6 hours lesson, but my steering sucks big time, and need more practice. Hopefully I can get my local driving license asap, so I no need to depend on my hubby to drive:)

Below are some of the snaps I took around my neighborhood and my boys.

My elder son: Aidan acting fierce...
 I trimmed Allan's fringe myself, n he looks so 'TUT"...
Funny posture right? He is actually shitting at this moment. Squeeze!
I shall end my post with this pic. This is the beautiful tree at the entrance of our neighborhood. Love the color of the flowers! (Although it is gonna turn botak soon)

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