Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Online Shopping, Renfrew Tops & A Costume

After seeing the many pretty versions of Renfrew Tops and Cambie Dresses from sewaholic pattern, I couldn't resist getting one for myself. And of course some fabric shopping from fabric.com as well since it is just a click away. After 5 days of waiting, they finally arrived at my doorstep. That's what I loves about living here. Shopping for fabrics online! Back in Singapore, whenever I need to get some fabrics or trimmings, I need to travel 45mins to 1 hr on public transport to get to Chinatown or Spotlight Orchard. So far! And if I dun want to waste the precious time and took a 30 mins cab there, the taxi fare to n fro costs me around 40SGD. So expensive! LOL! So now, until I get my driving license here, I will make full use of the internet shopping!

Here are my loots. Black poplin-3 yards, white poplin-3 yards, floral poplin-3yards, daisy gingham-3 yards, yellow quilting cotton-3 yards and black lace- 2yards, 1 bundle of quilting cotton. 2 snug hug snug seam tapes and Sewholic sewing patterns. Renfrew tops, cambie dress and alma blouse. I always get my fabrics in 3 yards as to make sure that if I ever want to make a dress out of them, I will have enough of them. How about you? Normally where do you shop for your fabrics and how much yardage do you purchase?

On to my beloved tees, they are both made using leftover knits from cosplay costumes I made last time. Yes, finally stash busting! And I think I still can afford to squeeze out a few more Renfrew tops from them:)

 Version 1, round neck tee. I couldn't get a twill tape from Walmart for the shoulder seams, and I am too inpatient to wait for another round of delivery, so I used grosgrain ribbon for the seams. LOL! A bit too stiff, but nobody will notice it anyway. The instructions are very easy to understand and everything is clearly illustrated. Thumbs up to Tasia! After I am done with this tee, I straight away cut up my second version, the v neck version in a violet knit.

I like this v neck version more as it makes one looks slimmer... Both of this tees will definitely get a lot of wears. I am wearing this violet tee now:)
I used twin needles to do the topstitching, looks a lot more professional:)

Thinking of making it in stripes... Hmm any recommendations for online fabric shop selling nice knit prints?
Lastly, I also finished up on another tailoring commission by Amaya. It is quite simple actually, just a normal white shirt, OL style skirt and a striped tie. I made the shirt using light weight polyester fabric and the skirt from a heavy weight poly blend. I have made many shirts before but this is the first time I tried sewing sleeves plackets and open cuffs onto them. And for the tie I used cotton poplin and glued black ribbon strips on it before I start to sew up the tie.

so sorry for the wrinkles, I am just too busy (lazy) to press them properly before taking pics.
A message to Dear Amaya, I will be shipping them back to my sis place tml. Will take 2 wks to arrive in sg k? Thank you and hope you like them:)

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