Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Past sewing projects

I started venturing into sewing many years back when I started to become a cosplayer. Mostly learnt sewing from Japanese sewing magazines and cosplay sewing magazines like COSMODE. I got 2 big boxes of magazines and books the years:) Plenty of references. Here are some of my works.
This gown is actually modified from a SIMPLICITY 1728 sewing pattern. For the back portion, I modified it into a corset drawstring style as what the character requires and added skirt overlays for the front n back . Took me quite a bit of hand sewing for the pearls and frills. But when everything is done for the gown for my customer, (yes I also tailor cosplay costumes for fellow friends) it looks gorgeous:) Materials used are more than 10m of silk satin in light blue n navy n white. Organza for the skirt overlays and lots of pearls n beads. This is definitely one of my most extensive project so far.
Planning to use this pattern n modify it into Ariel Mermaid Pink Gown for myself as well:)

This person is my friend n cosplay buddy. We always cos at events together. N I am in charge of sewing all her costumes as well. This Mulan cos is the last cos I made for her before I left SG and came to Phoenix for 2 years due to my hubby work. Miss her lots! Dun you think she really suits the character Mulan?

And this is a past pic of us cosing together at an event as Ranka Lee n Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier. Using Simplicity 3878, I added a big bow for the front bust and frills along the mid skirting. Tada!

I also sew apparels for myself as well. This the versatile butterick 3 ways dress. I made it using purple silk satin (sorry that the color came out as blue in pic~.~") And I actually wanted to add Swarovski crystals to the front bust portion, but I ended up gluing them to the back without realizing until I finished. Oh bummers.... Heck, I still wear it to attend a wedding and got compliments for it:)

And many many more... Too lazy to post them up. Now having just settled down in our new house in Goodyear, I am still trying to set up my sewing studio on the second floor in the midst of looking after my 2 hyperactive boys. They are really hyper! Got the genes from their daddy I think. I am working on my tilly picnic button skirt and 2 sets of cosplay costume for my SG customer, Amaya. And thinking of quilting a hexagon flower quilt and refashioning a old shirt dress just donated to me by my hubby to play with :p Arghh! so many projects but not enough time:( Do any of you have any tips of managing the kids n housework n cooking n still be able to sew as well?

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