Friday, May 31, 2013

Denim Kelly Skirt N Megaphones Renfrew

After reading all the pretty blog posts on Megan Nielsen's Kelly skirt, I also jumped on the Kelly Skirt bandwagon. I had 2 metres of denim in my stash and decided to use it for my first trial. Megan Nielsen paper pattern is so different from the usual tissue paper styles and they comes in pretty envelopes with velcro closure and instructions booklet. Cute!

Big Brother Aidan with his hammerhead shark which we brought last wkend during our trip to SEA LIFE AZ. He loves sharks!
Sewing Pattern Used: Megan Nielsen Kelly Skirt size XS (was hesitanting between size xs and s as my waist measurement is in between the 2... Lucky I can still 'squeeze in the size xs... LOL. Next time I shall add 1 inch to the waist n skirting for more comfort)
Materials Used: 1 metre of medium weight denim, Mint colored thread for sewing and topstitching and white plastic buttons from Walmart
Changes Made: Shortened the skirt a lot (forgotten how much) and I did not follow the buttons placement from the pattern. I just estimated and draw out my own buttons placement.
Will I wear it? I love this skirt... The roomy pockets are great for walks around the neighbourhood with the kids. 
Overall this is a really great skirt with flattering cutting. And it works with a great variety of fabrics too. I will be making another skirt using linen from my fabric stash.
Next up is another comfy and cute Renfrew tee using Girl Charlee megaphones knit fabric. They are still available in their clearance section o! At a mere 3usd per yard, what a steal! I only got 1 yard of it and after this Renfrew I still got plenty left to make a matching tee for my boys:) 
Sewing Pattern Used: Sewaholic Renfrew Tee Size 4
Materials Used: Less than 1 yard of Megaphones knit fabric and remnant black knit from stash
Changes Made: I did not add the lower hem band as I ran out of the black knit. I just turned up the hem by 5/8 inch and zigzag the hem. (Lazy to change to twin needles:P) End up the shorter length of this tee suits my height better.
Will I wear it? Of course, I have been wearing my other 2 Renfrew tees at least once a week. Cos they are so comfy and I am a stay home mum, tees are what I needed. I had cut out another Renfrew tee in black and white knit. Should be able to finish it by next wk amidst other projects.
PS: I couldn't find my ball point machine needles and just went ahead using the normal standard needles for the construction, lucky everything went well... I keep misplacing stuff, should really tidy up and organize my sewing place before  my husband goes berserk!

Signature side pose...

The boys just woke up from their afternoon naps while I was taking the pictures. Smile!
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  1. Very cute outfit! I love your Kelly skirt, especially with the white buttons. The megaphone Renfrew is awesome. Your boys are adorable. :)