Friday, September 13, 2013

Completed: Casual outfit

Finally there are more completed projects for me to blog about. My sewing time has decreased tremendously when my elder son started his preschool this month and a knitting bug crept inside me. But looking at my super pathetic fall wardrobe status, I am now picking up on sewing my pace this few days. So I promise that I will have more FO posts in the next few weeks including the popular Colette Hawthorn!
Today I got 2 simple and easy projects to share. Both of them are simplicity patterns I had in my stash, and fabrics are also from my huge collection of stash as well. 
Pattern: Simplicity (To be updated)
Fabric: Light pink semi sheer cotton purchased back in Singapore. Buttons are reused from old unwanted apparels. 
Thoughts on this project: I had this fabric in my stash for many donkey years. Fell in love with the cotton and the sweet stripes design and brought it on impulse with no real idea of what it can be made into. This time I finally decided to cut into it and sew a loose comfy blouse for myself. It is a bit sheer though, but it shouldn't be a problem if I had the correct inner wear on. (Sorry for the black inner pc shown in the pic, just so lazy to change into the proper one.) I cut a straight size 0 for it, since there is a lot of ease included and the overall fit is still quite loose. For the alterations wise, I only shorten the bodice length by my usual 1 cm and that's it.
The v neckline is a bit low, maybe I should go add a little snap to make it more decent?
The total time taken to sew this blouse is quite fast actually. The only pain in the neck is the collar portion. I cant really get the inner collar band to sit nicely while I top stitch them down. I tried ironing but my machine foot keep distorting the folds underneath. Now the insides are a bit messy and I gave up trying to unpick and restitch them back nicely. The sleeves design are quite cute and flattering. I might sew another pc in a thicker fabric and in 3 quarter sleeves version in future.
This blouse is really comfy and cooling but not really suitable for the coming fall season. What am I doing? LOL... I dunno, I just keep having sewing block this few weeks. Meanwhile, I will wear this top as much as possible before the temp starts to drop here:)
And now for the super easy peasy denim skirt.
Pattern used: Simplicity skirt pattern
Fabric used: Remnant denim fabric from my denim Kelly skirt.
Thoughts on this project: This skirt only takes less than 2 hours from cutting to finishing. It only have 2 pattern pcs for this version. And the waistband is just a fold in and elastic and no pockets at all. Very basic and super good for modifications and embellishments. I just added a denim bow to the side of the skirt and added a bit of topstitching in red threads.
This skirt is a great match for tucked out tees and blouses. Comfy and casual. I am wearing this skirt as I am blogging now. So there will definitely be a lot of wear for this pc. And this skirt is great for fall too, I can match it with leggings and boots:) Ruffles skirts are great for flattering boxy waistlines.
And I am planning to stitch up another ruffle skirt in black lace soon.
That's all for today!
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  1. Just found your site! Wow! Your clothes are beautiful! I'm thinking of getting the Kelly skirt pattern, but also wondered what pattern this skirt is? It's super cute and looks pretty simple. Thanks!

    1. Hi. The skirt pattern is brought more than 10 years back. So is out of print now. But a similar version is simplicity 2214.