Friday, September 6, 2013

Completed: Red Swiss Dots Cambie V3

Yay! My third cambie is done. This time in red cotton swiss dots, and better fitting as I tweaked the pattern sizes a bit.
Inspired by the original Tasia red cambie dress:)
Just finished this dress in time for the Super Online Sewing Community Match. Will  also be entering my negroni shirt in it as well:)

Sewing Pattern: Sewaholic Cambie Dress
Sizing: Size 2 Bust tapered to size 4 waist and skirting. And also decreased 1cm from the length of the bodice
Materials: Red Cotton Swiss Dots from, Lining I used 3 different types of fabric- for the bodice I used cotton broadcloth as the swiss dots is a bit thin n flimsy, for the waistband lining I used back the self fabric to reduce bulk and lastly the skirting I used rayon lining fabric. All the materials are from stash, that is why the invisible zipper is pink. As that is the closest matching zipper I have available for use.
Time taken: around 3 days of a few hours here and there.

This time round, I am so glad that the dress fits a whole lot better. Blah to small bust and thick waist....

Wearing a waist belt upzz the look! And sorry for the peek a boo bra strap.... I love how the redness of the dress causes my skin to look more fairer. Well, just that I must be careful in this dress and make sure I wont dies in this dress. LOL! Well, I am a Chinese, and there is a saying that if a woman dies in a red dress, her spirit will come back as a vengeful ghost to seek revenge. HA!

Ok... Candid Pic...

The waist seam actually matches at first insertion. Just gap a winy bit because of the bulkiness.
Ok. That's all for the photo bombing. I really loves this dress. And thinking of the 4th version: denim bodice with black skirting? What do u think?

Thanks for stopping by!
XOXO Ashley

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