Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Selfish sewing week: Chambray Hawthorn dress

Yo everyone, this is my second pc for the selfish sewing week. The Chambray Hawthorn Dress by Colette patterns. After my first hawthorn blouse using the tutti plisse, I love the design so much and immediately started working on my second pc. This time in the mid sleeves version using chambray shirting fabric. And this time I did proper research online regarding the collar portion and then realized the collar mis-alignment is due to the instructions error. Chay, I thought what sia. (Singapore English language if u find it weird.)

Pattern used: Colette Hawthorn
Materials used: Chambray shirting from fabric.com, Black buttons from walmart, Interfacing.
Thoughts on the project: This time I got the collar placement nice and proper. I did a sba on the pattern pc following the Colette sewalong instructions, same as the previous blouse. But this time I shortened the bodice length further and the overall fit is so much better! Even though the darts still a bit pointy but that wont be too big a issue. Otherwise, everything went smoothly till the cuff part. As compared to the alma blouse placket and cuff, this hawthorn version is a lot more complicated and gave me quite a bit of headache. My cuff just cant line up with the sleeve and I had to widen the pleated portion to align the cuff properly. I believe a good 1 hour was spent on wrecking with the cuffs and plackets and unpicking some errors there as well. Luckily, I managed through it and finished the dress. Whee! to my perseverance...
Oh, for the interfacing portion, I skipped the front bodice and skirt facings portion. Cos I wanted to save on my interfacing (they r quite exp to me) and since they stated it is not a must. This also helps to make the collar part less bulky and they seems to sit nicer this time.
C how deep is my pleats? Till now I still dun understand where has gone wrong...
I shortened the skirt length by 4 inches for my height. So they r not as flare as they are meant to be.
All the edges are serged and I tried my best to top stitch as neatly and nicely as possible.
The waist seam aligns nicely too!. I am so proud of them dress. The buttons gap are meant for belt, I did add a hook and eye there so, yay, let the belt hide the weird gap.
The skirt hem is blind stitched by hand.
I can already visualize me wearing this lovely dress, wearing boots and black leggings during the cooler days. Maybe I should make another hawthorn in pink seersucker that I had in my stash?
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  1. Ooh...I love, love, love this! The hawthorne looks like it would be a great pattern! And I love it in chambray!

    1. Yes this pattern is really great, u should get one too!

  2. Oh it's beautiful! I love chambray! It's the perfect dress and so flattering on you!

    1. Yup I love it too... Got it for a steal at just 4bucks per yard from fabric.com. Wanted to buy some more but it was out of stock now...

  3. I love this dress, its so cute on you!

  4. so cute! i love your fabric choice. it really make the hawthron pattern look more modern