Thursday, September 19, 2013

Completed: Tutti Pink Swirls Hawthorn


I hopped onto the hawthorn wagon finally! A bit slow, but I finally made it. All the hesitant is due to their c cup pattern size. I am only a B and a noob at fitting and patterns alteration. Luckily they had covered the SBA part in their sewalong, cos if they dun, I wont even dare to buy the pattern at all due to bad experiences in the previous hazel fitting. The macaron pattern is still lying in my stash untouched cos I dun wanna suffer the headaches yet. LOL! This time I choose the blouse version to test sew first as I wanted to add more separates to my wardrobe as they usually get more wears than the dresses. My life nowadays involves driving my boy to school, so I usually wear shorts or jeans these days, as it is easier for me to move around and carrying didi as well.

The collar is a bit bulky and still cant sit properly. I shall have a iron wrestle with it later on.
Pattern used: Hawthorn from Colette Version 1 but sleeveless instead, as I wanted to be able to wear it with my new cardigans without having distorted sleeves.
Materials used: Tutti Plisse Pink Swirls from, buttons from walmart, white broadcloth for collar. Pink satin store brought bias tape for armhole finishing.
Thoughts on this pattern: I cut a size 0 for the bust and taper to size 2 waist. First I made a simple muslim for the bodice section and it had lots of ease in the bust and back area. So I tried to do a tiny winy SBA according to the instructions in their sewalong. Not really sure whether I did it correctly:P And I also shorten the bodice by 1cm. It fits better in the final product but is still loose in the bust area and especially the back portion. The sew along did not cover on any back alterations though... Sad... I think the fabric also contributed to the looseness as it has a seersucker like vertical puckers on it which seems to flatten out and become wider after I pressed it while sewing. The collar couldn't meet the desired points of the bodice (for my muslim I used cotton broadcloth, and the collar has no problem at all.), causing the collar to look very far apart. In order to make do with the fault, I sew across and flatten the pointed areas of the collar part to  make the fault less obvious. Other than the fitting issues and the collar problems, the sewing process went through smoothly as the instructions are very clear and the sew along also helps a lot. If only Colette patterns comes in smaller bust cups patterns as well:)

C? The back is supa loose! I got bad spine alighment, the doc say it's S shaped so the shoulders doesn't seem to be that crooked. Maybe thay's why I have shorter torso, if my spine is straight, I might actually be taller a few more cms!

I still love this new top I had even though the collar and the fit is not as perfect as it should be. The pink swirls print is lovely and unique. I actually regretted buying this fabric at first, since it is used mostly for children apparels, but the prints really got to me. Have any of u sew a clothing for yourself using kids apparel fabrics? Feels a bit weird isn't it? The good thing about this fabric is, it doesn't wrinkles and that means no ironing needed! Whee!

This is my big boy Aidan with his beloved T-rex.
The peplum is lovely and helps to hide any tummy flaws. I have already cut out my second hawthorn long sleeve dress in chambray fabric, reducing the bodice length further by another 1cm more. Hope the fit will be better for the dress:)
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