Saturday, September 28, 2013

Selfish Sewing Week: The East meet West Shirt

Remember the lovely hawthorn dress I finished earlier this week? I had some remnant chambray left and I wanted to turn the into a long sleeve shirt for myself. But there isn't sufficient yardage left, so I choose a Japanese floral cotton from my stash for a little bit of contrast. This Japanese cotton is brought many years back, and is so precious that I could not bring myself to cut into it. But enough is enough, I just couldn't resist mixing it with this chambray for my new shirt.

Sewing Pattern used: From a super old Japanese sewing magazine... I think I brought it at least 10 years ago. HA! It's a basic shirt pattern, I added the patch pockets myself and used the red flora cotton for the under collar, and back yoke lining. I am in love with red recently, so be prepared to see more reds apparels popping up here.
Materials used: Remnant chambray shirting from my hawthorn dress, jap cotton, red buttons and interfacing.

Thoughts on this project: I omitted the bodice front interfacing again cos my precious interfacings keep running out. The sleeve plackets instructions and pattern are different from hawthorn version. And because of the super limited graphic instructions from the magazine, I struggled quite long with it. Otherwise, the shirt came up quite fast, around 2 nights and I really love the color pop of the under collar n buttons. I finshed the shirt yesterday night and immediately threw it into the washer to wash away the Crayola marker marks and worn it today with my denim skirt for a outlet shopping trip!

Sorry, I only manage to take the pic after the outlet shopping trip. That explains the messy hair and crumpled shirt. 
C the lovely jap flora cotton?
This chambray I got them at a steal of $3.98 usd from After I used it for the dress, I went back online and planned to get more to stock up but it was sold out:( And the next cheapest chambray they had is $6.98 per yard....
For this pattern, there isn't any back darts, so it's really a simple basic shirt pattern.
There isn't any Crayola marks left after the wash. What a cheap and great idea to substitute fabric markers.
Close up of the jap flora cotton. They got a bit of gold outlines, really love the design and planning to use the rest for a dress?
The inner under collar is hand slip stitched neatly.
Peek a boo!
Oh No!!! Dinosaur invasion! (That's my bigger son new favorite dinosaur home shoes brought at children place today. He placed it onto my shirt trying to distract me to play with him.
I think this will be my last pc for the selfish sewing week. I am too exhausted from sewing and would like to spend this sunday lazing around instead. I really got to thank imagine gnats and made with moxie for hosting this selfish sewing week and motivated me to sew up so many lovelies for myself. Yay I got tons of new outfit for this fall finally!:)
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XOXO Ashley

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