Sunday, September 15, 2013

Completed: Navy Miette Cardigan

Yup, me in my auntie specs...

Wow is the word... I learnt so many new stitches from this cardigan. Other than the usual knit and purl, all the rest of the stitches I actually you tubed it and learnt from there. And it's my first time working on eyelets design and using DPN as well:) I am really glad that I started on this project and had the determination to finish it in time for fall season.
Pattern used: miette cardigan pattern by Andi ( It's free!)
Yarn used: Caron simply soft 2 skeins in navy color
Needles used: 5mm and 4.5mm circular needles and DPN
Duration: 1-2 weeks of on and off knitting.
I knitted the smallest size and there is still a lot of ease available. Especially in the back, but it's ok for me, as I preferred loose comfy fit to snug hugging. I also omitted some rows from the sleeves as I believed that the original pattern might be too long for me. So I just knit and fit as I go along with the sleeves.

The Cardigan is knitted from up to down, and the only seaming needed is the armpit portion. I just reinforced the areas with a bit of whip stitches. And the buttons seem to be a bit asymmetrical, I will get back to it asap.
After reading on many other bloggers on their knitting projects, I am so tempted to go for yarn shopping, especially those cashmerino yarns, just the name of it already sound so tempting and luxurious. But they are so expensive:( I just can't bring myself to 'check out' my online cart... In the end, I just grabbed these soft lovely and budget friendly acrylic yarns from Joann to satisfy my knitting craves. Maybe in future when I have more spare cash, I might indulge myself in a tiny luxurious yarn shopping spree:)
The next knitting project progress. Can you recognize this design?
Anyway, I got my first customer for my esty shop this wk! I actually stunned when I received an email from etsy saying that I had made my first sale. I got so excited until I couldn't sleep that night and went to work on her clutch order straight away. She will be using it for her wedding next Saturday.  Yah, wedding o! Hohoho... May she have the most magical n lovely wedding in the world.
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