Sunday, September 8, 2013

Completed: A Linen Blend Negroni Shirt

Well... Initally I made this shirt for my hubby... But it was kinda unwanted by him as he rarely wears shirt. Yup, he is that kind of t-shirt guys which I see no point in sewing for him. So this linen blend shirt will be hanging in my closet till the day someone who appreciates and able to wear it appears. Any volunteers? LOL!

But the good thing is, I am able to enter it in the Super online sewing community match as well, so my efforts are not wasted.

At least he is willing to wear it and let me take pics though.

Pattern used: Colette Negroni Shirt Pattern
Size used: S Suits 34-38inch chest
Materials used: Kaufman Essex Yarn Dyed Linen Blend Black  from (That's the most expensive fabric I had in my stash-.-") Black buttons and cotton threads.
Thoughts on the construction: it's my first time sewing this shirt pattern and I really learnt a lot of new techniques from the instructions. First time sewing felled seams and the yoke construction are a genius! I choose the short sleeves version so as to avoid the sleeves placket. HAHAH!

I really liked how this shirt turned out and i used 0.2mm stitches throughout to ensure the quality. So anyone interested in this shirt do let me know, I might just give it away to you.

I am thinking of changing the buttons to more manly designs as the current buttons are a bit gu niang.

Nothing else to rant about anymore cos all my enthusiasm regarding this shirt disappeared that night. Just hope that the Sewing Match will have some good news for me? Heehee.

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