Saturday, May 18, 2013

Cambie V2

I like this pose the best... Think will keep repeating this post in future photos. And I finally bothered to put on some make up for this dress.
Yup, I finished my second cambie dress, and this is a super duper sweet version. I still cut a straight size 4 but shorten the front n back bodice by 1 cm. For the fit wise, it is still a wee bit loose, I can't really bend forward without exposing myself. Think gonna wear the safety tape if I wanna wear this dress. I got this lovely flower motif gingham cotton from at around 5usd per yard. Its' really sweet n a bit to the stiff side. Maybe after a wash the fabric will soften? Yes, I know I should prewash the fabric before I start but my laziness got to me instead...

As it's my second time sewing this dress, it took me only around 3 hrs to get everything done. But I forgot to add interfacing to the waistband this time round, blur me, luckily the fabric is still a bit on the stiff side so.... let's hope this dress will survive her first wash then... I really love this cambie dress pattern, maybe I should make another in black with gathered skirt and laced straps? And I will try cutting a size 2 instead for the bodice and taper to a size 4 for the waist. Confession: I got a fat waist, it runs in my family... N the worse thing is: almost zero bum.... Sobs... Even after delivering 2 boys, it makes no difference to my bum...

I got dry eyes, so very seldom I will wear my contacts... Love my Red specs and sorry for the blurriness.

Trying to pull my big boy to take pics with mi. Snap!

C the flora motifs? They are really sweet. Maybe I should get more of this fabric but in different colour for other blouses or dresses in future.
After finishing this 2 cambie dresses, I suddenly remembered I have no matching shoes for them. I only have a comfy black flip flops and a black sporty pumps. Thinking of getting a summery wedges to wear with them... Any suggestions? Feel free to leave your comments here:)
*Runs off to work on a shorts muslim*

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  1. Hi-de-ho. Your cambie dresses are definitely cute, hence the stop from google images.

    Just a tip, I notice that you have a little gape in the bust area on both dresses. I used to ALWAYS have that problem. A simple fix, (if you can get into the lining, a 5 minute fix), just add a little 1/4" twill/ribbon to the inside of the top of the bust line to the seam allowance. Measure the twill to fit exactly around the seam, then take away 1/4"-1/'2", then just hand stitch it in with a basting stitch. You could do the same with some clear elastic.

    The fabric will gather around the smaller area and should shape the gape around the bust. Hopefully it helps and I explained it correctly. Good luck!