Monday, June 10, 2013

Free Boys Patch Pocket Pants Pattern Tutorial

Dear friends before I start on the tutorial, could you all kindly head over to Skirt Week and kindly give me a vote for my denim Kelly skirt no 8? The voting for this a line section will end before midnight tonight. So pls!!! Do kindly give me a vote if possible. Its my first time taking part in a blogger online contest and I am really excited about it:)

Sorry for his grumbly look. It's really difficult to get him to stay still for pics.

Sweets Time!

Now for this simple and cute boys patch pocket pants. It is available in 4 different sizes: S, M, L and XL. You can download the free pattern here:
Pls kindly note that I am not a professional pattern drafter and everything is self taught. Thank you.

Materials used:
Cotton remnants less than 1 yard. Contrast cotton material for the patch pockets. And 0.9cm elastics.

This is a really good stash busting project and is easy and fast to whip out. I already made 2 for each of my boys.

-First download the patterns from the link above and tape them together. Note no seam allowances is included in the pattern. You need to add it on yourself.

waistline add 3cm
hem line add 3cm
all the other seams add 1cm

-Finish the edges of the patch pockets by zigzagging or overlocking. Press the seam allowances and baste.

-Place the patch pockets 3cm below the waist line (total 6cm from the edge of the top) align the side seam and stitch down the patch pockets leaving the diagonal side open. Repeat for the other side.
-Finish the edges of the crotch seams for the front and back pcs. Now, stitch the front curved seam together with 1 cm SA. And repeat for the back curved seams. (So sorry not sure what this seam is called. Crotch seam? No? )

-They should look like this:)
-Next, align the middle leg seams together, pin and stitch. Stitch the side seams.

-Press the waist SA and the hem allowances. You can finish the hem allowances at this point.

-For the waist band casing, you just stitch 2.5cm (1 inch) from the folded edge. And a second row of stitch 1.25cm from the folded edge. Remember to leave a unstitched portion for you to thread the elastics.
-For the elastics, you can measure them against your child for the length. For both of my boys, I used 40cm (SA included).
Thread both upper and lower casing and stitch the ends of the elastic together.
Once done, finish off the open portions of the casing.
Tadaa! A cute and simple pants for your boys:) This pattern is very basic and you can make a lot of variations to it. I am thinking of embroidering the pockets for a more personal touch. What do you think?
Hope you all enjoy this little tut and happy sewing!
Xoxo Ashley

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