Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sewing for boys book review and a nautical suspender shorts

You all know that I had 2 lovely hyperactive boys, and this book is a must for me then:) Got it from and after flipping through all the cute projects, this mimi suspenders caught my attention.

How cute and English it looks. Imagine my boys wearing them in Singapore! LOL! And once I ordered this book online, I also head on to my favorite site: for some cute boys print cotton.

Tadaa! This is my version. Pls ignore the mismatch of the inner tee. I am just too lazy to change him into a proper matching tee. I made this using Michael millers anchor away in boy blue. A fast stash busting project. They are actually remnant fabrics after I have cut out my alma top. Great! We can wear it out together one day.
Review: This book covers a lot of projects for the boys, but! the instructions are not really clear and well illustrated. I keep having problems in understanding the written illustrations. Which is a joke, cos I can understand a Japanese sewing instructions just by the pics alone. Maybe I am more of a graphic person? So most of the sewing process, I just based on my sewing experience and sniff my way through. Luckily it turns out well. And my bigger boy love it. I don't even need to bribe him for the photos. He cheerfully just stood there and cheese loudly for me. Super model coming through:)

See my cutie back? I am holding on to my new gumppy shark toy mummy brought for me at target today. Shark is my favourite... Arrrgh!
Super cheesy cheese!
I think I still can squeeze out a nautical clutch for my esty collection. Yay!
XOXO, Ashley


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