Sunday, June 23, 2013

My mermaid hazel dress

Yay! A simple hazel from Colette Patterns. And because Colette patterns sizing for the bust is really big, I made a muslim for this, altered the bust darts and took in 4cm from the sides. The altered bust darts made it a little pointy. First time doing this kind of alteration, not really sure whether is it correct or not. But other than the slight pointiness, the overall fit is much better.

Materials used: Kona Cotton 1.5yard, invisible zipper and interfacing
Ribbon for trimmings and DMC floss for embroidery.
Time taken: Not really sure, the muslim fitting and alterations took up a lot of time.
Changes to the pattern: As written above and I also shortened the skirt a lot.
Will I make this pattern again? Hmm the pointiness makes me a bit unwilling to sew up another hazel. And i also had a Macaron sewing patterns from Colette which i am so scared to even touch it now. Any idea why and how should i solve this problem? Will really appreciate your suggestions and comments on this issue.
Initially, I finished the dress with only the ribbon trimmings. While taking pics for the blog, it kinda looks very plain so I added a small mermaid embroidery to the skirt instead of the usual anchor pattern normally seen. The mermaid design is from a embroidery book I got from amazon a few weeks back.
The designs are really cute and mostly consist of outlines stitching only. So they are really easy to stitch and will make lovely embellishments for many garments. Love this book:)
Messy hair again... HA! And my big boy decided to join the shoot too! He is waving non stop at the camera saying CHEESE:)

Signature pose. LOL.

A cute mermaid embroidery.
Currently, i still have another nautical alma blouse wearing to be blogged, and i am factory sewing 3 boys suspenders shorts. A half completed cosplay costume waiting for the tulle materials to arrived at my doorstep. Lots of projects, yet not enough time.
My Etsy shop updates: Added 2 handmade clutches for sale:)
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Handmade Black Lace Bow Clutch
Handmade Black Lace Bow Clutch
Thanks for reading:)
XOXO Ashley