Saturday, June 22, 2013

Ways to save up on fabric shopping...

I loves fabric shopping, who doesn't? Here are some little tips I will like to share with you all on how to save on fabrics, back in Singapore and here in US.

Back in Singapore, as I do sewing commissions for cosplay costumes for fellow cosplayers, I almost need to make a trip down to Chinatown people's park to get the materials. Other fabric shopping heavens in SG I been before will be arab street and the super expensive but air conditioned Spotlight in Plaza Singapura Orchard.

Tips to save in SG:

1) Try to collate the materials and buy them from the same shop. You can really bargain down the price of the fabrics a lot.

For example, I will buy almost 10 plus metres of fabrics from a particular store in People Park. No need to be the same material, it can be 2m of this, that and that and that. The auntie knows me very well and she knew that I sew costumes for other people, and that I will be a frequent customer. So I get to enjoy wholesale pricings for the fabrics and sometimes, free fabrics too!:) Who doesn't love free things? LOL. For the same pc of fabric, the normal retail price can be above $10sgd, but she sells me at $5. That's a huge difference:)

2) Join Spotlight member and subscribe to their promos email.

Spotlight stuff is expensive, but when they got huge promotions, you can get high quality fabrics, materials at a cheap price:) I never buy their stuff when they are not on sale. Being a member, you get to enjoy their member sales prices and a first time updates on their coming sales event. Whenever they have a 50% or 30% storewide sale, you will find me running there and shop like crazy... That's y my fabric stash are endless and can occupy a whole room.

3) Stock up on essential basics when they are on sale.

White, black cotton are a very common essentials and I normally get 10m of them each time. Even if the costumes are in other colors, white cotton can be used as their linings. So it is easier and cheaper if you can stock up on them at home, without having to make a trip down when u need them.

 4) Bargain on the prices, dun be shy...

I feel so auntie when I said this, LOL. I always ask for lower prices no matter how much I buy and I also will tell them I sew for a living (even if you don't, who cares?) and automatically I will be given a cheaper pricing. Ohya, this only applies to Chinatown people park and arab street.

Actually I only went to arab street for fabric shopping once, and got super disappointed. One thing is, I really dunno the place well and I dun feel comfortable stepping in the shops. I only manage to get some 4m of fabric and I can't find a shop that sells notions which I needed that time. So I recommend you all to just get comfortable to 1 or 2 shopping heavens and spend all your money there. Hahahah.

Now on to the fabric shopping in States.
I still haven got my driving license yet, so most of my shopping is done online. I like it more compared to I feel that it is cheaper and I can get great deals there.

Tips in united states:

1) Register as member and try to always get your shopping needs from one website.

You can get to enjoy their rewards programs and save more:) For example, offers points for every purchase you made. You can use the points to redeem for cash coupon for future purchases. Tip is to only redeem the points when they reach at least 10usd value and above. As their checkout only allows one coupon per use. It will not be worth it if you redeem a 5usd coupon as their usual 10% off or 15% off discount coupon can cover more value than that.

2) Try to get fabrics and notions that are on offer.

 No offer on it? Wait it out, some day it will be... Unless u can't wait of course.

3) Sign up here ebates for online shopping. They have quite a bit of registered fabric online stores where you can spend your money and get cash backs! For example: offers 4% cashback. So if you enter via ebates and made a $100 purchase, you get $4 cashback. What a great way to earn money as you shop.

4) Make full use of the coupons available:)

Okok.. The most wordy post I had so far. What about you? Any other tips on saving while shopping for fabrics?

Thanks for reading:
XOXO Ashley

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